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Blue Monday - Lynn Townsend guests

Every Monday I post a naughty excerpt for your entertainment!

This week my guest is Lynn Townsend, with a delectable slice from her new supernatural/steampunk novel  London Steam.

"Duncan Farnsworth discovers being a vampire has not improved his social life, his chances of finding love, continuing the family line, or getting a bite to eat. Maneuvering his way around a sarcastic butler, his spinster sister, a run-in with an amorous werewolf, and a confrontation with a dead soldier and a French airship captain, Duncan finally finds exactly what he is thirsting for. "

Duncan grinned, his glorious, red mouth turning up in a sly smirk. He squeezed Nigel's cock, nearly bringing the airshipman to orgasm right there. "Did you want me to stop?"

"No!" End this? Never. Nigel would surrender his throat willingly, desperately. Even if he died again in this moment, it would be glorious.

"I savor what you feel," Duncan whispered, intent. His hand moved eagerly, lazily, inside Nigel's trousers, caressing, stroking. Another pair of hands, smaller, more delicate, moved along his bare chest, stripping him down. Nigel found his mouth on Agnes's breast, the nipple sweet and hard against his tongue. She arched backward, her other breast covered by Duncan's free hand. A spare moment of clarity and Nigel wondered how they had not all three ended up spilled across the plank floor. "I can taste it. It scents the air around you, courses through your veins, spices your blood. It is the aroma of warm buttered bread, the most delicious hint of lemon on fresh-caught trout. You delight me... make me hungry, a starving creature, although I have already fed."

"Anything you want," Nigel whispered, licking, nuzzling at Agnes's soft breast. She moaned, writhed.

"Oui, mon Dieu!" Agnes agreed, turning in his arms to embrace Duncan, her fingers busy with his coat buttons. It took longer to strip Duncan out of his formal dinnerware, but each revealing inch of pale flesh was worth it. Never had Nigel seen anyone so beautiful. Perfect marble skin covered lean muscles, wide shoulders and narrow hips. The darker member thrusting upward from a tangle of blond curls was thick, eager. Agnes knelt, one hand on each of them, her strokes tangling with Duncan's fingers against Nigel's hot, eager cock. Nigel reached, found the smooth, cool flesh, the heavy balls underneath, touching, caressing. He gripped Duncan's length, felt Agnes's hand dip below his own, tickling the vampire's sack. Duncan gasped, his luminous eyes wide.

Agnes and Duncan gave Nigel's cock and balls the same teasing, torturous treatment; one satin hand rubbing up and down, the second, smaller, beneath. He grew harder, enough so that he entertained a brief fancy of splitting out of his own skin, like a plant, reaching for the sun, splitting the earth asunder and striving toward the skies.

Vampires are renowned for their incredible strength and speed. Perhaps that was why Nigel barely noticed when Duncan moved them all to the bed with as much ease as a maid tossing over a basket of laundry. The sheets and pillows of the captain's bed were soft, warm, welcoming. Agnes squealed with delight as Duncan ran a hand down her lithe, nude body and found that center of her pleasure. She writhed against Duncan's teasing fingers, her body wiggling and lush against Nigel's, their legs intertwined.

It was difficult to tell where one body stopped and another started. Nigel was kissing, kissing someone. A slick tongue darted in and out of his mouth, his hands curled in a tangle of golden curls, hands roaming, seeking, finding. The two men spread Agnes's legs wide, each teasing her moist folds, slipping into wet depths until she was shrieking with pleasure, shuddering all over. She shivered with delight, her thighs quivering as she surrendered to the sensual onslaught.

Agnes pushed Nigel down onto the bed, crawling over her lover like a playful seal, planting kisses all over his body. Nigel relaxed under her care until her mouth came dangerously close to his throbbing cock and then he struggled, not wanting it to end, desperate to hold his passion. "Wait, wait," he gasped. He struggled to sit up, but Duncan held him down easily with one hand. The vampire lowered his head, kissed Agnes's cheek, licked at her full, red mouth, and the two of them kissed, mere inches from Nigel's quivering cock, their breath mingled over his hot, tense flesh.

She smiled around the kiss and, with deliberate, aching slowness, both of them lowered their flickering tongues to Nigel's cock; one hot and quick, the other cool and slow, they licked and lapped, teasing, drawing each sensation out over him like water. Nigel fisted the sheets, twisting his hips and bucking excitedly against the gratification, wanting, needing... they teased him together, his captain and the vampire, with some subtle magic, knowing, it seemed, when he was close to climax. Backing off time and again as he spiraled closer and closer, they taunted him with eager skill until he was mad with it, beyond endurance.

Agnes vanished, treating her lovers to a view of her rounded, nubile backside as she leaned over the side of the bed, one hand pressed against the floor for balance, the other digging in her airtrunk. With a triumphant wave, she gestured for Duncan to reel her back into bed.

Agnes held up the slender waxed paper package containing an "assurance cap," a length of sheep's intestine used to prevent pregnancy and diseases. "I do not know," she said, "if you are needing one of zees or not, my vampire." She glanced at Nigel.

Duncan shook his head. "I do not require such. I cannot sire a child, and the only disease I have is vampirism, and I am assured you can only catch that if I kill you."

"Le petite mort, she does not count to become a vampire, I hope. Else I am doomed," Agnes said. Her mouth curled up in that irresistible smile and Duncan did not resist. He touched her smiling lip, then kissed her, drawing out her tongue.

"I do, however," Nigel said, taking the folded paper from her. "No child deserves that sort of life; a walking deadman as a father?" Bitterness tainted the sweet course of emotion as the airman drew the cap over his erect member, then it faded entirely as Agnes threw one leg over Nigel's hips.

Facing away, raising her mouth to Duncan's kiss, she slid Nigel's cock into her hot depths. Duncan returned her kiss eagerly, his hands roaming down the lithe, nubile body. He found her center of pleasure and worked it, fingers wandering from that spot, down the base of Nigel's cock, and across his balls, teasing. Gently, Duncan slid that wandering finger against Nigel's puckered opening, rubbing, massaging.

Surrounded by sensation, Nigel raised his hips, pounding his cock into Agnes's slit, feeling the glory of her wet, hot flesh around him. With deliberate, careful grace, Duncan moved in, pressing his own cock, smooth, cool, solid, against Nigel's ass. It was a stretch, pain flared, then damped down again in erotic pleasure, until the three of them were joined together; Duncan to Nigel, Nigel to Agnes. They moved as one being, sliding, writhing, twisting against each other, straining. The strength of Nigel's climax was so great that spots of blackness and light burst against his eyelids. He shouted wordlessly, then collapsed against the bed, limp and drenched with sweat.

Duncan worked him a bit longer, sliding in and out, his hand awkwardly bent to find Agnes's clit and pleasure her as she twisted on Nigel's slowly deflating member. The quivering of her orgasm squeezed Nigel's oversensitive cock and he groaned. He couldn't pull out of her, trapped as he was under her weight and Duncan's expertly working cock. It was too much, too much, he couldn't, not yet, not again. His own cock twitched, stirred with a life of its own. Dear God, please, he was incoherent, pleading, praying. Duncan stiffened, and a jet of fluid, hot against the coolness of his flesh, spurted out of him as the vampire trembled.

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Lynn Townsend is a geek, a dreamer and an inveterate punster. When not reading, writing, or editing, she can usually be found drinking coffee or killing video game villains. Lynn's interests include filk music, romance novels, octopuses, and movies with more FX than plot.

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