Monday, 16 February 2015

Blue Monday - Oleander Plume guests

Every Monday I post a filthy excerpt for your entertainment!

This week's guest post is from the short story Coffee Break by Oleander Plume, which appears in Chemical [se]X, the chocolate-themed anthology she edited. Chocolate has never been so hot!

"Crazy, huh? Do your balls feel funny? Mine feel like two softballs that have been baking in the hot sun all day."

He clawed at my shirt. "Take off your clothes, all your clothes, right fucking now."

"Yeah, you too, let's get naked. Buck ass naked. Then I want you to fuck me. In my ass. With your dick. Your big, black dick."

"The dirty talk is sexy as fuck, keep doing that."

Zak pulled off his shirt, and the rubber band holding his dreads together came loose. His hair floated around his head like a mane of black ropes. I grabbed some in each hand and pulled him closer.

"You look like a lion, a big, wild, sexy lion, I want to jump on your back and ride you all around the  jungle."

"Oh yeah? Do you want to fuck me?"

The idea of putting my cock up his ass made me breathless and unable to speak. I was drowning in lust and desire and want, all I could do was nod my head. Zak grabbed me by the face and mashed his lips against mine, I shoved my tongue in his mouth and tasted chocolate. We made out like feral animals; I shoved my hands inside his boxers and squeezed two handfuls of smooth, muscular ass. My dick was rubbing against Zak's, but the friction wasn't enough, I craved more.

"Fuck me, Zak, fuck me now."

"Not yet. I've wanted to suck your dick for five fucking years, and I'm not waiting any longer." Zak pushed me against the refrigerator, and dropped to his knees. "Look at this bad boy, he's got to be nine inches, at least. I always knew you were packin' some heat."

He squeezed my sac like he was checking a peach for ripeness. Intense, sexual mania took over my body, my cock was oozing so much precum, I appeared to be having an orgasm.

"Yeah, baby, drip for me." He lapped up every drop while using a firmer hand on my balls. "More."

The muscles in my legs were stretched taut; I clawed at the cold stainless steel that was pressed against my back, determined not to come, wanting to prolong the moment.

"Zak, I'm trying not to but, your mouth is so fucking hot-"

"Do it baby, shoot your cum down my throat."

Zak clutched my ass and I watched every inch of my dick disappear behind his plump lips. He looked like a god, a chocolate covered, dreadlock sporting, deep throating god. I was his supplicant, offering my cock to him like a sacrifice. And he devoured me.

Between the warm, wet, suction, and the feel of his tongue rubbing against the underside of my shaft, I exploded, drowning his tonsils with the biggest load my balls had ever unleashed. While he gulped down the thick spunk, he made the same kind of noises I do when I eat a hot fudge sundae. He peered up at me through his thick fringe of lashes while he sucked the tip, milking me for every drop. My knees buckled and I slid to the floor.

"Nectar from heaven," Zak said after licking his lips. "Want a taste?"

Once again, I could only nod. He licked my tongue, I could taste semen and chocolate and mocha and a thousand other flavors.

"Is it weird that I like kissing you?"

"No, baby, I happen to be an excellent kisser, you have no choice but to enjoy my hot lips."

His tongue fluttered against mine, then slid deeper into my mouth. I sort of felt like I was giving him head, which gave me an overwhelming urge to do just that.
"Put your cock in my mouth." I sounded like a preschooler begging for candy.

Chemical [se]X on Amazon US : Amazon UK (paperback and download)

"I like to write sexy, kinky stories that have a bit of sugar sprinkled on top. I enjoy adding a touch of darkness. Sometimes my tales are steeped in fantasy and the paranormal.

I also try and inject a generous dose of humor into anything I write, because I truly believe laughter is the best aphrodisiac.

My stories sometimes delve into other gender pairings, but my first love is m/m hotness. I adore writing steamy scenes about hot men getting naked and sweaty.

I hope you enjoy my stories. I hope I make you laugh. I hope I turn you on. But most of all, I hope my words will leave you wanting more, because there are thousands of words in my head, all are clamoring to be set free."

Oleander's Amazon Page

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Madeline Moore said...

Thank you Oleander and Janine! I love the title of the antho. Reading this excerpt was like getting a free bit of chocolate at the confectionery. Yum yum gimme more!