Friday, 16 January 2015

Fierce interrogations

Last week, thanks to a prize draw at Writer Marketing Services, and the divine Lucy Felthouse, I had a mini-blogtour for Fierce Enchantments. I'm slightly worried that it sounds more like an intensive therapy session than a promo exercise!

Mad? You call me mad, when I have the very power of life and death at my fingertips? I AM A GOD!

On Monday, for example, I was over at K D Grace's, talking about the voices in my head.

On Tuesday I was at Adriana Kraft's, talking about a time I sooooo desperately needed the comfort blanket of fairy tales. Yes, even the kind where the hero cuts off his horse's head...

On Wednesday I was confessing to Charlotte Howard how horrified I was to look back over my New Year's resolutions.

By Thursday I was strapped to the therapy couch while Jan Graham asked whether I really wanted to stay alive.

And Pinky Pollock took a shift at the mental thumbscrews on Friday. Yes, I said I wanted to be someone evil

Writers aren't all crazy, I assure you.
Well, I think not, anyway.
Well, I hope not...!

Mostly we put it into our twisted, wicked, scary erotica stories :-)

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