Monday, 19 January 2015

Blue Monday - Ian Smith guests

Every Monday I post a naughty excerpt for your entertainment!

This week I am inaugurating my guest-spot Blue Mondays with an excerpt from Ian Smith's short story Interrupted Service, which is one of two stories he has featured in the Earth/Air/Fire/Water themed anthology Elemental Desires. 50% of royalties of this book will be donated to the Trevor Project, Diversity Role Models in the UK, Rainbow Youth in New Zealand, and Youth Line in Canada.

Interrupted Service is about what happens when  a volcano erupts in Iceland and the dust cloud grounds all flights from England. Frequent fliers Claudia and Michael have to find some way to entertain themselves while waiting...

Some time later, we were giggling and a little tipsy, hushing each other like kids. She opened her room door, then grabbed my hand and pulled me inside with her. The room was in darkness, lit only by the glow from the car park lighting outside her window.

“Time out, remember,” she giggled.

“I’m going to remember today for a long time,” I said. “It’s been unexpectedly brilliant.”

“Maybe it’ll be even better soon,” she said. Then she gently pushed me back against the wall and leaned against me for a hot and passionate kiss, with one of her legs between mine. She pressed her hip against my rapidly swelling erection and ever-so-slightly ground herself against my thigh.

Her hands clutched at my clothing, pulling my shirt out of my trousers. I pulled her blouse out of her skirt and slipped my hands up her back, feeling her ribs beneath the smooth, warm skin.

“What is it you Brits say?” She put on a dreadful cockney accent. “Get ‘em orf?”

“Yes ma’am,” I said, in my best John Wayne drawl.

We both giggled, kicking off shoes and slipping out of clothing in the dark, warm room. We raced over to the bed, threw back the bedding and collapsed into each other’s embrace. Her hands were all over my arms, chest and back as we kissed and giggled, rolling around the bed. I cupped her breasts in my hands and ran my lips and tongue over her puckered nipples as she ran her fingers through my hair.

“I’m not feeling tired yet,” she whispered.

“Neither am I,” I replied.

“Good, lots of time-out sex then.”

“Count me in,” I murmured, kissing her body as I slid down her tummy.

“Are you going to eat me?” she asked.

“I’d rather like to, if you don’t mind.”

She laughed. “Your British politeness, it’s great.” She put on a posh English accent. “Would you mind awfully if I fuck you, old sport?”

“Actually, I’m quite keen on that idea too,” I laughed.

She pulled me back up beside her, pushed me onto my back and sat astride my tummy.

She leaned forward and nudged my nose with hers. “Me too, Michael,” she said quietly, pressing first her pubic hair and then her surprisingly hot and wet pussy against my hard cock. “Oh, me too...”

I rolled us over so I was on top and held myself above her so I could tease her pussy lips with the tip of my cock. She was already aroused, hot and wet, and her lips parted easily. She reached down and held my cock with one hand, moving it around her body. I leaned down and kissed her as she rubbed my cock against her clit, then against her entrance. I pushed very slightly and she let go of my cock and put her hand on my bottom. I pushed again and felt her body start to open for me. I suddenly felt shy, anxious in case I was clumsy and spoiled the moment for both of us.

I paused. “I should use a condom.”

She stroked my face. “Probably, but I’m on the pill and I’d kinda just like you to carry on.”

We kissed deeply, then I gently slid into her and we both gasped quietly at the intensity of the sensation. She was a hot, soft, gentle pressure all around me, like having a huge firm tongue wrapped around my cock. She gasped and moaned, digging her fingers into my back and bottom as we moved against each other.

To start with, I didn’t move very much, staying deep inside her and just moving an inch or two back and forth. Then I slowly pulled out further each time, until I was almost all the way out, but pushing myself back deep inside her with every thrust.

She pushed her hips back at me as her hands raced over my back and shoulders, kneading, grabbing, her nails digging in. We kissed time and time again, ranging from gentle pecks to almost devouring each other, clumsy in our excitement. I nuzzled and nipped at her neck and upper shoulders with my lips.

When I felt I was getting a bit too close to losing self-control, I slowed down. “I got all distracted,” I said, “I was going to do something else first.”

I slowly slipped out of her, kissed her lovingly and stroked her face and hair, then slid down her body.

“Oh fuck, you’re gonna blow my tits off,” she giggled.

“That I must see,” I mumbled. It was difficult speaking clearly with my mouth plastered against her pussy.

She tasted hot, salty and fruity, very wet and slick, and utterly lovely. I explored her completely with my fingers and tongue, her swelling pussy lips, the little bud of her clit and finally the warm soft pressure inside her. I concentrated my tongue on the area around her clit and eased two fingers in and out of her. Her tummy and hip muscles started to tense, then her thighs started quivering slightly, and she grabbed handfuls of the bedsheet as tension built inside her. Her aroma and flavour got a little stronger too, which I found really exciting.

My probing fingers slipped in as deeply as I could reach, up to her hard, smooth slick cervix. “Oh, God, yes,” she moaned, then I felt her open up inside and she suddenly jerked rhymically, letting out short gasping moans as her inner muscles pushed downwards against my fingers and she lifted her hips to push her clit against my face.

I lay beside her and hugged her while my sweat cooled. As she breathed heavily, the occasional slight quiver ran through her.

“If all you Brits can do that, I’m dropping everything and relocating,” she panted. “You’re in deep trouble when I can move again, mister.”

“Does this mean you’re completely at my mercy?”

She giggled. “Oh shit, it does.”

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Anonymous said...

I remember when the volcano erupted in Iceland and wreaked havoc with airline flights. We were in the process of relocating from Texas to Indonesia. We had to wait for two days before we were able to make the trip as a result of the interruptions and air service. Since we were traveling with 15 month old twins, our waiting was a little less exhilarating than described in the story.

But I travel a lot in my work. I look forward to the next volcanic eruption.

Maybe next time.

I definitely enjoyed the story. I hope I can concentrate now that I am at my office.

Janine Ashbless said...

Glad you liked it, Rev!