Sunday, 7 December 2014

Under the Bare Light Bulb

Sometimes, as an author, you just have to take your life into your hands. Like following parodist Sheri Savill down into her basement because she wants "to ask a few questions about your book"

 Sheri Savill: Ashbless! Comma! Janine! You are now under the hellish glare of the bare light bulb! I am over-caffeinated! But enough about me! How do you feel? Are you warm? Too warm, I hope?

The bad news is that this resulted in unwise confessions, retinal burns, an impromptu exorcism and a picture of my desk that probably the world (and certainly my mother) should never see. The good news is that the scars will afford me bragging rights at BDSM parties for the rest of my life :-D

Sheri is out there looking for more victims by the way. Not just erotica authors, either ...
Seriously, her Bare Bulb interviews are unique and hilarious. GO READ THEM ALL.  Blog tours will never seem the same after this :-)


Sheri Savill said...

Thank you Janine! You are good people. I hope the book continues do well. You are welcome back under the bulb the minute you have another one released. I will have "questions." Mwhaha.

Janine Ashbless said...

Eeeeek! :-D