Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Happy Xmas!

Well, despite all the warning signs, Christmas has still managed to catch me unprepared. I haven't sent any cards, I haven't wrapped the few presents I have managed to buy, and my food preparation timetable consists of "cross fingers and hope it all comes together." :-D

It doesn't matter. That's just trimmings. There's a superb article here about the True Meaning of Christmas (which I recommend only as long as you are not feeling fragile).

Joy and peace and love to all who read this. May you find comfort with those you love. May you make it through the dark days and come out into the light.



Jo said...

Ok, I'm doing a teeny bit better than you. You're still going to get a card in January, though.

I bought N his present way too late, like, 5 days ago, and it hasn't even shipped yet :( Bastards.

I raided Boots to make up for it today, me and the kids bought him a Manwasher. Stellar Christmas effort.

I love your message. I hope it all comes together for you without stress, and with much fun x

Janine Ashbless said...

Jo, you are going to have to show me what a Manwasher is!

And yes thanks, in the end it was little stress and lots of fun for me. Thank goodness for gin :-)