Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Away with the fairies

A rare photo of the native Haggis at large. They eat fragranced nappy-bags, did you know?
Last week, you may have noticed, I vanished off the grid and had NO INTERNET. That was because I was up way way north with da boyz, on the Isle of Skye:

It is a place of spectacular, mind-boggling beauty:

Dunscaith Castle

The Mealt Waterfall, and Kilt Rock beyond.
Near Sligachan - BEWARE THE MIDGES!!!

Sleat peninsula

Also a place of WEATHER - stand still for more than ten minutes and the weather will change totally -
- and FAIRIES.

We visited the Fairy Glen:

Me atop the fairy "Castle Ewan"

Fairy spirals (and sheep) in the glen

And saw the Fairy Flag at Dunvegan Castle:

We crossed the Fairy Bridge:

A MacLeod chief's fairy wife ditched him here and went home, leaving him with the flag.

And found the skeleton of a Kelpie or Water Horse:

I am not kidding you!

I mean, would I?

We had rainbows outside our cottage most days:

Might have had something to do with the quantities of Talisker we bought...
And we checked up and definitively answered the question about whether any of us were going to Heaven.

Er ... no.

Seriously, in a remote ruined churchyard in Trumpan there is an ancient Heaven Stone. You are supposed to close your eyes and attempt to stick your finger in the hole. If you can do it on first try, you're In with the angelic host.

Ah well. I wasn't optimistic, to be honest.
Who needs Heaven anyway? I'll stick with Scotland :-)


Jo said...

So beautiful. Just ... wow. Those are wonderufl photos!

Janine Ashbless said...

I love the west coast of Scotland! It feels like I "belong" there in a way nowhere else does :-)