Friday, 20 June 2014

Tempted Romance

Brace for a BIG Cover Him with Darkness catchup:

There's a new imprint in town - Cleis Press has officially announced the launch of Tempted Romance (the title was chosen by Romantic Times readers, yay!) in autumn fall this year. And the launch title?

"The launch title for Tempted Romance will be Cover Him with Darkness by Janine Ashbless, slated for a September 22 paperback release. In addition to paperback editions (priced at $14.95), the imprint will publish in e-book, audio, and iOS apps."

Note the new release date - you won't have to wait until October after all if you pre-order :-)

Cover Him With Darkness will be followed by Mitzi Szereto's new anthology Darker Edge of Desire: gothic tales of romance. Since CHWD started life as a short story in Mitzi's Red Velvet and Absinthe gothic anthology, I cannot think of a more appropriate and wonderful pairing.

I am so chuffed I'm practically steam-powered!

The first reader reactions to advance copies have started to appear too:

And Rose Caraway has reviewed it in full!

"This book was truly a fantastic read. Janine Ashbless amazed me over and over again ... Yes, this book is an erotic romance, but there is also gunfire, car chases, attempted murder, Vatican soldiers, impassioned priests, and my favourite - sexy, sexy angels and demons.
Yeah... Gimme... hard."

Thank you Rose!

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