Friday, 23 May 2014

Pinning again

After some pointy-stick-prodding from Cleis, I'm back on Pinterest. To be fair, I'm enjoying it now that I've learned my lesson - NO PUBES, NO BOOBS (no, not even if other people appear to be flouting the regulations like crazy) -  and it is nearly as addictive as Facebook. In fact, it's like Facebook for introverts who don't like any of that horrible interactivity stuff.

I've added a couple of relevant "boards":

Angels and Demons

Inspiration for "Cover Him with Darkness"

Obviously these will grow over the weeks. So get pinning stuff for me to collect, you other Pinterest peeps!


Anonymous said...

Hello Janine!

I am a new fan of yours! I just read Cover Him in Darkness and was just amazed! I am planning to pick up a few other copies of your books on Amazon. I was wondering are you on Twitter or Goodreads?

Janine Ashbless said...

Heya! Nice to hear from you, Anon - and thank you for the lovely compliment.
I'm not on Twitter, though I am on Facebook. That already takes up way too much of my time, lol.
I'm not on Goodreads YET, but I aim to fix that in the next month. See you there, I guess :-)