Friday, 24 January 2014


In the mood for some High Art?

This is "Kneeling Nun" (1731) by Martin Van Meytens

"verso" version

And so is this:

"recto" version!

They are, rather adorably, the same subject - just pictured from two different angles. I particularly like the other nun hoving into sight in the background and looking very happy at the view.

Alas, only the Swedes dare show this sort of thing.

If you want more nun porn of the period, you could try The Mild Punishment by Adam Johan Braun (1789):

And of course Heinrich Losslow's (1840-1897) The Sin:


Jo said...

Good lord. The porn versions of these clearly aren't that far off base!

Jo said...

'Chaste, me arse' is clearly the appropriate caption here.

Janine Ashbless said...

Well, ever since there have been nuns there have been salacious jokes about them. Sometimes it's meant maliciously as anti-Church propaganda, sometimes it's just the thrill of the Forbidden :-)