Monday, 16 September 2013

The Theiss Titillation Theory Pt 2

Last week's Eyecandy Monday was dedicated to the the Theis Titillation Theory - the sexiness of an outfit is directly proportion to the perceived chance of a catastrophic wardrobe malfunction. In the spirit of scientific endeavour I'd like to append evidence that this Theory applies to male clothing as well.

This of course is the whole thrill of the kilt.

But on the whole the problem with men's clothes is that they vary much less than women's. The imaginative structural possibilities of the Dress seem to be endless, but there's only so much a designer can do with Pants. Jeans are just jeans. Nevertheless, I would assert that there is very little as aesthetically fine as an open pair of low-hanging jeans that are threatening to slide off the hips of a ripped and muscular torso.

Especially when you have reason to believe that he's going commando...

Look! The Theiss Principle can even bring appeal to briefs. (And I really don't like briefs. I worship at the sartorial altar of Mr Calvin Klein's trunks.)

Dear God, this man is wearing briefs and a Cardigan. Only the Theiss Titillation Principle can save him!
So remember, it's not what you see or what you don't see. It's what you might see.


t'Sade said...

When you see that much hip, it isn't *thinking* he's going commando. But, that is a yummy way to start the week.

Jeremy Edwards said...

As it happens, my jeans kept riding down my hips a bit yesterday. I wasn't sure why, but now I realize they were trying to get into the spirit of your blog topic!

Janine Ashbless said...

There is a Higher Connecting Principle binding us all, clearly, Jeremy!

Chris said...

On the other hand. Hipsters. No. No no no no no no no. No.

Madeline Moore said...

Jesus I've missed your blog. No wonder I've been blue! Many hunky happy dance.