Wednesday, 20 March 2013

How to Write Erotic Fiction

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How to Write: Erotic Fiction and Sex Scenes is the name of a new book by the very wonderful Ashley Lister. He's not just an author (fiction and non-fiction); he's a creative writing lecturer and a poet too. 

And this book features an excerpt from Named and Shamed (positively!) while talking about world-building and introducing backstory so I am VERY VERY PROUD.

Even better! -
This week on his How to Write Erotic Fiction blog he is featuring a review of Named and Shamed originally posted on the Erotica Readers and Writers website ...

... and he asked me for my "Five Tips for Writers."

He's actually asked a whole load of publishers, writers and editors for their very practical advice about writing - not just erotica but all sorts of fiction. So if you are even remotely serious about the craft or about getting published, I'd strongly recommend reading down the whole blog - it's a mine of information.

Thank you Ashley!

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