Saturday, 30 March 2013

Geek Love goes hard!

Just to show you the hardback versions of Geek Love, which have been delivered from the printer, signed, and are about to be posted out.  I am so proud of this beautiful book, and my small part in making it a reality!

This is the Kickstarter version of the book, btw, for our hundreds of wonderful backers. It includes some fancy extra bits like a centrefold and printed endpapers and the Backers' Pages.
An e-version is on sale via Stone Box Press and coming soon to Amazon.
A general (slightly stripped down) hardback version will be available later in the year (we're looking at May at the moment), but we're letting our Kickstarter backers have all the shiny fun first. Because we love them!

Shanna Germain looking chuffed to bits, as well she ought!
 And here's an early not-really-a-review from Lisabet Sarai over at Oh Get a Grip

These tales are everything I personally seek in erotic fiction: original, gorgeously crafted, and seriously sexy. Geek Love is more than just a collection of wonderful stories on a theme that resonates, though. The book is a work of visual as well as literary art.

And she's right, too, about it being a labour of love.

UPDATE: When Shanna tried to upload it to Amazon, they rejected it and suspended her account. So it's only going to be available through Stone Box / Drive Thru from now on.

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