Monday, 4 March 2013

Eyecandy Monday

Censored by Pinterest

Oh boy am I in a big fat angry sulk with myself.

While I was away, I got a web-mail from Pinterest saying that one of my pictures had been taken down because it was Too Rude (and went on to threaten me with having my account closed if I had any more pics like that up):

"We don't allow nudity—photos that show breasts, buttocks or genitalia—on Pinterest."

The picture (Pinterest kindly included a link to my source, which was somewhere on Tumblr) was of a bare bottom. A spectacularly attactive bare bottom, but nothing ruder than a pair of buttocks.

I was going to post that pic here today ... BUT...

I accidentally erased the e-mail. And didn't realise. So I haven't got the source and, it turned out, I hadn't ripped the picture to my hard drive. Big Mistake.

So - 1
I've posted a picture that Shanna Germain had censored by Pinterest from the Geek Love Pinterest account for the same reason (note that it shows no breasts, buttocks or genitalia, but it got censored anyway).

2 - Can anyone find me that pic again? I've become obsessed with its perfection!

  • B&W artsy
  • Female bottom.
  • She's wearing a narrow but complex chain belt, strongly reminiscent of a belly-dancer costume
  • Appeared on Facebook in June last year.

And 3- If you were the person who signed up to follow my Pinterest boards and then was offended by a bottom on a board that I have tried to keep really rather restrained, and decided to report me ... will you PLEASE STOP FOLLOWING MY BOARDS, FUCK OFF AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.


Chris said...

I have no idea what Pinterest is, but so far, my opinion of it is very low.

Welcome back!

Janine Ashbless said...

Hey Chris - nice to be back!

Pinterest is for picture collectors and anal/visual types. If "look at ALL THESE AWESOME PICTURES of buttons I've found" is your sort of thing, then Pinterest is for you. And there are TONS of explicit nude pictures up there, which is why it's so annoying when they pick on a PG-rated one.

Nym Nix said...

I have no words to describe how frustrating Pinterest's stupid no nudity policy is. I can think of plenty, though, for the officious, malicious, tee-totalling, stick-in-the-mud, joyless, anally-retentive rule mongers who go about reporting other peoples' pins. For some reason, they are only EVER the tame ones. Case in point: Arthur Rackham illustrations of slightly naked fairies. Go figure.

Janine Ashbless said...

Hear hear Nym!
Goddamn. There's screeds of porn up on Pinterest, and they worry about a completely harmless picture of a Rackham fairy :-(

I've had a second pin removed now - and a different, much more conciliatory message from Pinterest saying they have to do it because some pople like to look at Pinterest at work (even though their policy applies
to "secret" boards too, oddly) and if they've made a mistake about censoring a particular picture, please tell them. Only, this time, they didn't include a link back to the picture they'd taken down. So I can't tell if they'd made a mistake or not...

Nym Nix said...

Found this and thought of you. Might this be it?

Janine Ashbless said...

YEEEEEEEES!!! Thank you Nym! XXX<3XXX

Nym Nix said...

My pleasure! :)