Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Jellyfish fiddling

I'm so pathetically excited about this - my new jellyfish tank!

No, they're not real jellyfish - that would be way too expensive, and besides, living jellies only last 6 months even if you don't go on holiday and fail to feed them and then lie awake at night for the rest of your life thinking about their little invertebrate cries of anguish.

So I bought a tank of fake plastic jellyfish, which is basically the 21st Century equivalent of a lava lamp. The only disadvantage with these fakes is that you have to massage them intimately every day to get rid of the air bubbles.

There are worse hobbies.
* * *

If you're a geeky technophile who likes pretty things, I do hope you've come across Steamgirl - here's her gallery website and here's her tumblr.

And if you like steampunk, you may be pleased to know that Carnal Machines: steampunk erotica (edited by D L King) is NOW AVAILABLE AS AN AUDIO DOWNLOAD from Audible (I typed that loudly, did you notice?). The stories are split between a male and a female reader, and my very silly and filthy story The Servant Question is read by Basil Longfellow.

Would I make that up?


Anonymous said...

Yes, it IS geeky to have a tank of plastic jellyfish, but so what?
That said, I think you did it the wrong way round - you should have posted a link to a jellyfish blog and bought a SteamGirl tank! ('Massaging the bubbles out' would have been SO much more fun!)

Jo said...

Fabulous fake jellyfish! Who would have thought it. I'd like to see them made out of recycled breast implants though for more of an eco statement.

Steamgirl is something else, isn't she? It's hard to believe she's real. And not part elf.