Wednesday, 10 October 2012

I got mail!

Oh oh oh - look what came through the letterbox! (Actually it didn't, it couldn't possibly have done. I had to answer the door. Wonder what the delivery guy thought of me still in my dressing-gown at 1pm? Also, wonder if said dressing-gown stayed decently shut as I wrestled the box indoors . . .?)

Yes, my lovely lovely Arabian Nights romantic adventure Heart of Flame, available up to now as an e-book,  is about to be released in paperback too! It's due out on November 6th, but Samhain Publishing are, as ever, efficient and on-the-ball.

Did you know, this is going to be the first of my book I'm going to be able to give my mother a copy of? Usually she says, "Can I read this one?" and I say, "You won't like it." (Except in regard to Named and Shamed, when I said, "You'd never talk to me again. I am not kidding. Just . . .  NO.")

But Mum loves Clan of the Cavebear and that lot, and I reckon the heat in Heart of Flame is probably at a similar level. So there you go: I look forward to her review.
My brother, btw, refuses to read ANYTHING I write. He says he doesn't want to know what's going on in my head. How very wise!

Hmmm. Do other erotica authors get reviews from their family? 

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Lucy Felthouse said...

I do love exciting parcels - and yours looks like a good 'un.

And no, my family don't review my stuff. They don't even read it. In fact, most of them don't know about it! :)

Jo said...

Aw, nice :) I love Clan of the Cavebear too. Though the respectful vanilla sex got a bit repetitive after the first 3 books :) I can't wait to hear what your mother has to say!

Jennifer Denys said...

Looking good! (My family have the same view as your brother!)

Janine Ashbless said...

Looks like I am not alone! To be honest, I think I feel very comfortable that my family don't read my books. There's such a thing as too much closeness ... especially if you are British and middle class. A polite handshake once a year is good enough for us!

JacquelineB said...

Hard copies are always lovely!

I send my parents copies of my work, but say I'd rather didn't hear what they think about it. I think it's a workable way of doing it. ;)