Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Xmas!

Careful with those hot bulbs...!

Here's wishing every one of you a happy holiday period, with warmth and joy and peace, and a whole New Year to look forward to.

I'll leave you with that rarest of things - an Xmas song that's actually really good. It's by Chris Squire and Alan White of Yes and it's twenty years old - so how come I never heard it until yesterday?


Fulani said...

Happy Christmas! Having moved, we're taking time out from unpacking boxes to enjoy the festive period.

By the way, pretty as the pic with the Xmas lights is, you don't need to use mains power for that any more. There's a specialist manufacturer of luminescent rope made with multi-coloured optical fibres. Think it's been on the market about a year now - so it's possible to tie someone up and literally make them glow!

Janine Ashbless said...

Congrats Fulani! How cool to start a new year in a new home :-) I hope you love it there.

And I'm going to a glow-in-the-dark party very soon. Maybe I should look out those optical fibres ropes?

Jo said...

Oo, how clever those kinky boffins are.

Happy Christmas, Janine, have a lovely one with Mr Ashbless and your doggies. And thank you again ♥


Fulani said...

Electroluminescent rope - a UK company called English Braids used to sell it but I don't see it in their online catalogue any more. However if you check out 'glow cable' or 'glow wire' on Amazon or Ebay there seem to be quite a few suppliers of smaller, thinner EL cable. Or Google 'electroluminescent rope' to find half a dozen suppliers in the US, though you usually have to buy several hundred feet at a time for prices around $1.25 a foot plus shipping... It has 'real world' uses apart from bondage, from marine safety (it's used in some lifejackets etc.) to advertising signage.