Sunday, 13 November 2011

TftD: Nemi

If I had a daughter, I'd make her read Nemi.


Jo said...

Can't argue with that one, no.

I like the cartoons, but the ones I've seen I've found a wee bit... tame? I'd like them a little edgier. But I've only seen them on and off in the paper, maybe.

Janine Ashbless said...

It's interesting - We saw a Nemi graphic novel version in Sweden once (couldn't read it, of course) and it was anything but tame - as I remember, definitely adult and alt-lifestyle themed. I think we get the toned down version in our daily papers here.

But just having a self-aware female protagonist (written by a woman) who goes lustily after many blokes and is happy not to be in a "relationship" and rejects all the conventional trappings of respectablity, whilst retaining her own integrity ... that's a breath of fresh air.

Jo said...

Ah, right, see, the ones I've seen just seem to be styling her as a bored and cynical goth teen, fed up with mainstream life. I can see how much more potential it has.