Friday, 18 November 2011

Homework crisis

Heart of Flame is out on the 20th December, and Samhain prodded me till I squealed and agreed to do a blog tour for publicity purposes. In fact I'm doing two, in parallel. But not starting on 20th December - who the heck is on t'internet trawling for books over the holiday period? It all kicks off in the New Year.

This one is being organised by Goddess Fish, who - thank goodness - know what they're doing far better than I.

Of course I have to write all the posts (topics set by the hosts) well in advance and get them in ASAP. Which leaves me in the peculiar position of writing a post about my New Year Resolutions in November! It's like being back at school again and trying to get my homework in for all these subjects at once...


Jennifer Denys said...

Hi Janine

I, for one, will be trawling the internet for books over the holiday period if I run out of reading material! (God that makes me so sad!)


Janine Ashbless said...

No, I am delighted to hear it Jennifer! I believe the thing with holiday-period internet (which is a notoriously slack time for bloggers etc) is that people aren't at work ... which is where most sneaky net-surfing takes place :-)