Friday, 14 October 2011

My brief modelling career

Picture by David Woolfall. All rights reserved.

So ... a complete stranger e-mails you and says, Hi, I'm a photographer and I'm doing a project taking pictures of women writers of erotica. Want to take part? Where shall we meet?

What would you do? Well, if you're me you scratched your head and thought, Hmmm. Wonder if he's on the level. Dodgy lot, photographers.

Then you arranged a chaperone.

And it turned out that David Woolfall wasn't dodgy at all but really nice and decent and he sat me up a tree outside Pizza Hut and took photos for nearly an hour. It was fun - surprisingly exhausting too - and I've got some pics of me I'm truly proud of. Very happy!
I'm also slightly ashamed for having as many bad preconceptions about photographers as most people do of erotica writers. Eeeh, you've got to laugh.

If you want to see his portraits of Jacqueline Applebee and Kay Jaybee and K D Grace and a bunch of others including me, the portfolio is up on David Woolfall's website under "images" and and then "current projects", or there's a direct link here.



Jeremy Edwards said...

Was the tree his idea? I ask because to those of us who know your love for the outdoors and zest for physical adventure, it makes perfect sense that of all the writers in the portfolio, you are the one up a tree. Just wondering if you somehow tipped him off that you'd be perfectly at home in such an environment, or if he just sort of figured it out.

Anyway, it's a marvelous portrait and I love it.

Janine Ashbless said...

Ah, the tree was my idea Jeremy :-) My chaperone and I spent a couple of hours looking for the perfect tree before we met David. Found some fantastic redwoods too, but they're a bit difficult to climb ... Especially since they were in a cemetery, lol. Would not have gone down well with the local council, methinks.

Jo said...

OO! It's Lovely! Off to see the others.

Madeline Moore said...
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Madeline Moore said...

I'd climb a tree for a photographer who wanted to take pics of me in the context of 'female writer of erotica'
although I'd rather he shoot me in my car.

Speaking of which (she segues effortlessly into a pitch for comments) I've posted a story about me and my car on my blog. Come see?

ps - you look mahvelous dahling.

Janine Ashbless said...

Effortless and subtle, Madeline, lol

Fulani said...

That's cool - nice pic. After a while I worked out, incidentally, there's an 'info' button at the bottom of the screen under the pics that gives information about each one.

The only one of the people pictured that I know personally is Jaqueline Applebee, because I've met her at various events.

Nikki Magennis said...

Oh, what a lovely portrait! And yes, tree is perfect.

Janine Ashbless said...

I haven't met everyone in the portfolio, by a long way. Maybe next year at Eroticon?

Saskia Walker said...

That's a perfect photo of you. The tree setting made me smile...a lot. ;-)