Thursday, 3 June 2010

Surprise anthology out now!

Surprise! There's a new erotica anthology out this week - new anthology, new imprint (Racy Pages) and new editor Tinder James (who's a joy to work for, btw). Surprise is themed around, well, um: surprises. Sometimes nice ones, sometimes shocking ones, sometimes humorous ones. There's a refreshing variety of range in the stories too: cowboys and science fiction, nice and nasty, short stories and 100-word flashes.

I've contributed both a flash, Cherry, and a longer story: In Real Life, which is about Ellie and Bryn who have been friends and lovers for months in the virtual world of Second Life, and are meeting for the first time in the flesh. Ellie's understandably nervous: is Bryn what he appeared to be in their online encounters? Why has he always insisted that they only communicate using the written word, never voicechat?

When they do meet face to face she's in for a series of surprises. Bryn is Deaf. And he's brought a friend along on their date to interpret. By the end of the night the three of them are getting on really well together...

That's when Bryn's hand makes its irrevocable move to the front, under my rucked-up skirt, his fingers delicate on the fabric; tickling my pussy, teasing the barely-concealed nub of my clit, tugging the silky gusset aside. Hugh has forgotten to inhale and his cigarette trembles in his fngers. I'm past resistance now, if I ever was capable of it. I don't care that we're on a public footbridge and that there are people walking past every few minutes. I don't care what a slut I must look. I just want Bryn to touch me more. I just want to welcome his fingers into my wet, and I'm so grateful for their slick caress on my swollen clit that when it finally happens I whimper out loud.

Bryn lifts his head from my throat and looks at me searchingly. Withdrawing his hands, he lifts them to sign. I grab his hips in frustration and pull his pelvis harder to me, grinding my bereft pussy against him.

"He wants to know if you mind me watching," Hugh asks, his voice all woolly and hoarse.

I kiss Bryn, softly, eagerly, and shake my head. "Not in the least."

Hands dance again. I want them to dance on my breasts and in my wet slot.

"He wants to know if you'd like me to touch you too."

I swallow, my throat suddenly dry, my heart pounding. "I'd like that very much," I whisper.

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(Not yet available in the UK. Argh!)


Jeremy Edwards said...

Mmm, now I'm really awake, Janine. You can sneak up behind me with a sexy surprise like that excerpt anytime!

Janine Ashbless said...

Thank you Jeremy!
There's nothing like waking a guy up with a sneak sex attack first thing in the morning...

Danielle said...

ah...that was a surprise indeed becaus ei didnt expected that...:-)
congrats to the antho!

Madeline Moore said...

I enjoyed your stories in the book, Janine, and also Felix's.

There's a non-erotic cover with blobs and lines all over it - but if you look closely, some of the blobs and lines are fucking. I'm serious!
No, it isn't just me - is it?

Jeremy Edwards said...

LOL, Madeline. Now that you mention it, those blob-creatures comprise a veritable Kama Sutra!