Monday, 28 June 2010

Eyecandy Monday - Balls special

This World Cup thingy trundles on so I thought I'd bring you another footballer. Sorry, soccer-player, for you Americans.

And then I thought - Hold on, Wimbledon Fortnight has started. Why not a tennis player too?
(Okay, so he got knocked out in the first round.)

In fact, let's face it, it's not the size or shape of the balls that matters, so much as the man they're attached to, heh heh heh.

So I've dredged my Eyecandy files for some sporting pretties. Hope you like them!

Look! He has two different shaped balls!


Jo said...

Oh, Janine :)

I never knew you were such a keen sports fan.

Janine Ashbless said...

It's amazing what you can get into if you approach the subject right!

neve black said...

God, why in the world have I not been more of spectator-baller watcher?