Monday, 22 February 2010

Eyecandy Monday

I have no idea where I snagged this photo from. I just know he's pretty and he looks like he's posing for the cover art of some romantic fantasy novel. Boy, is there a lot of really bad fantasy cover art out there.

(Just don't blame the author. She wasn't asked.)

You can just see him, on a cold day in a park in Milton Keynes, being told: "Look brooding!  And horny! But sensitive! You're a naked barbarian swordsman who is ready for lurv!" - can't you?


Jo said...

Hahahah, brooding and horny but sensitive... it's what we all want!

I was thinking he looked like a new Tarzan. Want to see him swinging from tree to tree!

Beth said...

Who is this guy? That picture looks strangely familiar. I think a friend of mine at uni may have had a copy.

Chris said...

Yeah, but he's very cute.

Incidentally, speaking of cute and brooding, James Purefoy is very well cast as Solomon Kane. Don't expect too much in the way of 'well thought out historical background' or 'plot', but fun for all that.

Janine Ashbless said...

I read the Solomon Kane film synopsis which says he "becomes a Puritan and joins a monastery" and my HEAD EXPLODED.

So no, I'm not expecting historical accuracy. But I will go see it. Not because I have a thing for Purefoy, but because it's Robert E Howard. And a guy with long hair smacking demons.

Danielle said... my friend told after her shoot for a well known men magazine: the cream went sour...and they were all like: butt up..boobs out...face sexy...and that for 40 minutes...