Wednesday, 23 December 2009

When I was 42, it was a very good year...

... though not for this poor little bugger, who will have ended up as deep-fried snackfood.

It's a bit belated, but every year I try to log what I have done that's new since my previous birthday. This is to stop me getting middle-aged and lazy.

So when I was 42, for the first time ever I:

  • Had short stories accepted by Harlequin Spice, Ravenous Romance, Racy Pages and Xcite.
  • Travelled to 4 new countries: Poland, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.
  • Visited 2 genocide sites (Auschwitz and the Killing Fields). Which is quite enough.
  • Swam in a mountain river:

  • Attended a fetish party. In fact it was this one, and it was enormous fun. It had a Wild West theme, so this was my costume:

  • Was asked to write a vampire novel. 
  • Watched my publisher go down the toilet.
  • Found a diet that works. Got my weight down to the point where I actually quite like my naked body (132lb, fyi).
  • Went swinging through the trees for 4 hours one evening.
  • Saw the amazing plastinated cadavers and some giant animated dinosaurs.
  • Saw my first 3D film. It was Up and it was awesome: 3D is the way forward.
  • Went to the ballet. Didn't like it. Accepted that I don't like Shakespeare or opera either, and don't feel guilty anymore.
  • Spent an hour getting a workover in a Thai massage parlour. (My FEET!)
  • Engaged an architect to design an extension to the house. Oh damn damn damn - that really is middle-aged, isn't it?

There is no escape...


Jeremy Edwards said...

Happy b'lated b'day, and congrats on all the achievements—and your general spirit of exploration!

And lovely pictures! (I'd better stop there re. the pics, lest I sound like a dirty [47-year-]old man.*) ; )

*Because that's such a well-kept secret, you know.

Janine Ashbless said...

Your secret's safe with us, Jeremy! And Thank You!

Julian said...
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Julian said...

Hello! Have just got myself a google account, so will stop lurking. =)

I simply had to say how very, very hot you're looking there!

Thank you for the wonderful introduction to Oglaf - very funny and filthy. On a similar note, I saw this today and thought of you: =)


Janine Ashbless said...

lol Jules - yes, very apposite! Glad you were lurking, but it's even better when you pop up into view. Oo-er.

Blimey, you've got me started already.

Justine Elyot said...

Woooh, foxy lady! And what a great idea for a birthday - to list all the new things you've done and achieved. Powerful positive thinking - hope you had a great birthday.

t'Sade said...

Oh, that looks like a blast. I remember once I had a chance to swim in the pool above a waterfall at Yosemite National Part, one of the best memories I had of that summer.

I think days like this are good to look back and it sounds like you had a wonderful year. *cheer*

Janine Ashbless said...

Life's for living, guys! I don't have kids so it sort of puts more focus on what I'm doing right now to make it worthwhile: I can't offload my sense of purpose and meaningfulness onto the next generation. And new experiences and achievements are more important to me than just "having fun". Cos I'm a bit neurotic, probably...

Yosemite sounds wonderful, t'Sade! Mmmm. *Adds it to her list.*

neve black said...

What a wonderful, postively healthy way of looking back on your "have done" list.

Congratulations! list somehow pales in comparison of your list....I was happy to kick bad relationships out of my life and get a damn job!

p.s. you're adorably sexy, Janine.

Jo said...

Oh, wow. Wow. This is a REALLY good list. I want to be like you when I grow up.

And you give me hope!