Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sexy Little Numbers - out now!

We're not dead yet!

Sexy Little Numbers, the latest - but not the last - anthology from Black Lace is out now in the UK and will be out in September in the US. It's an open-theme anthology so the topics are diverse. (Well, obviously they're all about sex. You'd be disppointed if it was concerned with the joys of mathematics. Unless you're Portia Da Costa and have a thing for that bloke in Numb3rs.) Among contributions from erotica authors both well known and new you'll find stories by

Kristina Lloyd
Charlotte Stein
Justine Elyot
Portia Da Costa
EllaRegina (twice)
Madelynne Ellis
Jamaica Layne
Kristina Wright

and me. My short story is called Michelangelo's Men and is told by a woman who just loves to watch gay men having sex. So much so that she lures her naive straight boyfriend into the arms of her flatmate. Bad girl...

Later in the week, when I'm back home and have sorted the chaos out (hah!) I'll post an excerpt. In the meantime you can admire the excellent if rather Pink cover. It's got a bloke on it! (And a "Vol.1" for comedy value.)

Buy at Amazon UK : Pre-order at Amazon US


Jeremy Edwards said...

I'm really looking forward to this. So many of my favorite people under one roof! It's going to be like a party at the Love Shack.

Justine Elyot said...

That story made my tongue hang out. And we are hanging on in there with our last few BL gasps.

Actually, I would love to see a Michelangelo rendering of the two hot men in the story - especially with the little...adornments...

Not sure it'd be appropriate for the Sistine chapel though ;).

Janine Ashbless said...

Love the new portrait, Jeremy!

And your train story is just delicious femsub, Justine.

Jeremy Edwards said...
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Jeremy Edwards said...

Love the new portrait, Jeremy!

: ) I love my book cover, too! (I've switched my avatar back for the moment, though—there'll be time enough to saturate the entire blogosphere with my book cover when the release gets a little closer, heheheh.)