Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Hotter than Reality: The Guild

And she's hotter than reality by far - Do you wanna date my Avatar?

There was an item on the news this week mentioning that the No.1 music download on iTunes at the moment is a fundraising song (above) for an online sitcom called The Guild. Which is about gamers - specifically players of Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games*. Along with Big Bang Theory suddenly people are making sitcoms about "sits" that I actually recognise - it must be my age!

The Guild was written by Felicia Day who plays the narrating character Codex. There are ten episodes in the first series, each running for only 3-4 minutes, and goodness me - everything's up there on YouTube. Start here with Episode One and prepare to lose an hour of your life...

(My favourite character? Clara, but they are all horribly horribly recognisable. My favourite line? "You?! You've got all the maternal instincts of a woodchipper!" If only I knew Latin I might adopt it as my motto, lol)

*Personally I don't MMORPG but let's just say I have A Number of Friends Who Do, and have had various amounts of exposure to World of Warcraft, WarHammer Online, Lord of the Rings Online and Age of Conan. Second Life doesn't count, it's not the same thing.

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