Wednesday, 8 July 2009


I'm having a week of blog posts inspired by Nikki Magennis!

A while back she was thinking about bees. I've been worrying about wasps. Every year when the weather warms up I have to launch a capture-and-release program from my kitchen, as the windowsill fills up with wasps and bees. There's at least a couple every day. But not this year. Not a single one.

Where have my wasps gone? They didn't appear even when I made chocolate fudge.

(Some day I will share my fudge recipe, and the world will bow before me.)


Erobintica said...

Hmmm. We still have wasps, but not as many as other years it seems - now that I think about it. And I've yet to have to catch and release any (hehe, I do that too). We've also lost many of our bats. Sometimes I try not to think about it because it makes me nervous.

Chris said...

Capture and release??

What has happened to the real Janine Ashbless? I recall your fury when I released wasps trapped in a wasp trap to fly free and unhindered.


Nikki Magennis said...

Oh no! You're completely right, Janine! I've been so worried about the bees that I didn't really register how delightfully wasp-free the summer's been so far.
But wasps are ace, when they're not stinging. Damn. Where are they?

Cora Zane said...

You can have all our wasps, Janine. Or, hey, I'll trade you for fudge. ;)

Emerald said...

What a nice picture.

I worked with a photographer once who was said (by one of his co-photographers) to be one of the world's foremost experts on wasps. He was UK-based...if I were still in touch with him I would ask him. Hmm.

Janine Ashbless said...

What has happened to the real Janine Ashbless? Damn, Chris - I was hoping you wouldn't notice. When I was doing my shamanic stuff a few years back I made a promise to *ahem* Somebody. So I stopped killing wasps. I don't do the shamanic stuff anymore but I remain in a state of non-agression toward wasps. But don't tell anyone because it's a tad embarrassing.

Nikki Magennis said...

(I meant to say, I'm very flattered that the bee post inspired a wasp post, thank you!)

Anonymous said...

Same problem as the bees, many of them have died. Oh, and on a more cutsie note, so have most of the ladybirds :( havent seen any of those this summer to speak of - which is causing huge amounts of problems with aphids.