Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Playing With Fire - out now - read an excerpt

The new Cleis Press anthology Playing With Fire is out this week! - April 7th it says on Amazon US but they seem to be shipping already, and Thursday April 2nd at Amazon UK.

Subtitled "Taboo Erotica" this is a red-hot collection with twin themes: heat and danger. It's all about sex that pushes the boundaries of a relationship, sometimes to breaking point: adultery, betrayal, secrets. You can read all the dirty details in the safety of your own room but remember, we use fully-trained stunt characters for our stories: do not try this at home!

Apart from my own contribution you'll also find stories by such erotica writers as Nikki Magennis, Andrea Dale, Sommer Marsden, Jeremy Edwards, Heidi Champna and Alison Tyler (who edits the collection).

Why do I think you should buy this anthology in particular? Because my own contribution, Scorched, is a story that makes me nervous. Sometimes we write stories like that; outside our comfort zones. Scorched is very dirty and not very nice. It's about Emerald, who is getting it on with her boyfriend's best friend and flatmate, Greg, and what happens when Max catches them out. I love the stories that make me nervous. Yeah, I want to run away - but I keep coming back for another peek.

People who play with fire sometimes get burned.

Here's an excerpt:

Obediently she drew up her skirt to expose stocking tops and the triangle of silky material. Greg smiled. ‘Like that. You buy them for me?’

Emerald nodded.

‘But Max will get a kick out of them too, I bet.’

‘Mm.’ That was the thing about this purchase, she thought; she’d be getting double value.

‘You know I can hear you two at night? The walls in this place are pretty thin.’ He savoured the way she blushed. ‘Not that you’re exactly quiet. But I hear every thump of the headboard, every little groan and squeal.’ He caressed the towel-covered knot of his cock, and the bulge twitched visibly. ‘Drove me nuts for a year, doll.’

‘I’m sorry.’ Her voice was husky.

‘I can even hear the sound he makes when he slaps your fat ass.’

Emerald’s eyes widened: Greg’s brutal crudity was one of the things that made him so different to Max. He was shamelessly honest and it was one of the things that made her hot. He liked the fact that she had a big ass, and he told her so. He liked the fact she was a slut, and the more he treated her like one the more she acted that way. ‘Does it annoy you, hearing us?’ she asked. He smirked.

‘I just grin and join in for the ride, doll.’


‘Now show me that big bum of yours.’

Turning, Emerald pulled up the back of her skirt. She heard the intake of his breath.

‘Oh yes. Like two loaves put out to rise.’ He’d been a bakery assistant as a student, she recalled: his tales about what had been done to the dough during quiet moments had been enough to put Max off bread for good. She crossed her legs and leaned forward, hands on her thighs, giving him the best possible view. ‘Fuck, yes,’ he said in awe as she wiggled her backside. ‘I want that.’ He stood, the better to run his hands over her cheeks and down the barely clothed split between them. The elastic was taut across her asshole, the gusset stretched tight over pussy lips which already felt swollen. Greg’s fingers crudely but very accurately found the sinkhole of her cunt through the cloth.

‘You won’t be able to take these back to the shop, doll. They’re already wet.’ Every poke of his fingertips on the sodden cloth exacerbated that situation and Emerald whimpered. There was the sound of a towel hitting the carpet. ‘You ready for some of this?’

Glancing over her shoulder, Emerald saw the cock she was getting to know so well: heavy, dusky, with a bit of a lean to the right, it stood proudly despite the scrotum beneath that seemed to be trying to drag it down by sheer virtue of its weight. That was the thing about Greg: his dick was good but his balls were something else, and produced prodigious quantities of come. Emerald was sure they were to blame for the swiftness with which he recovered and was ready for more. Was she ready? ‘Oh yes.’

‘Then get down and ask nicely.’

Falling to her knees, she shimmied out of her dress and faced the object of her desire, wetting her lips. It swayed a little and Greg stroked it up and down.

‘Please,’ she said sincerely.

‘Not good enough, doll.’

‘Please, sir…’ Leaning forward, she delicately tongued those big balls in their velvet pouch.

‘Better.’ His glans was glistening.

‘I want it so much.’ She kissed his bollocks and licked her way up his shaft.

‘That’s ’cos you’re a slut, Emerald,’ he sighed pleasurably. He was so clean from the shower that he was almost tasteless until she sucked the faintly salty pre-come from the eye of his cock. Putting her hands on his hairy thighs, she lost herself in the art and the pleasure of giving him head. He wrapped his fingers in her hair, guiding her, unhurried. He pushed all the way to the back of her throat and when she took the length without gagging he nearly purred. ‘Emerald.’
She opened her eyes and looked up at him, knees splayed and ass thrust out, her mouth wrapped around his turgid cock.

‘I’ve got a surprise for you.’ He nodded over her shoulder.

Confused, it took a moment before she broke away and turned. There in the doorway, arms folded, stood Max with a face like stone.

‘Shit!’ squealed Emerald, clapping her hand over her mouth as if she could hide the fact it had just been pleasuring their flatmate’s cock. ‘Oh shit! I’m sorry!’

‘Yeah,’ said Max. ‘You look sorry.’


Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Yours is a very hot story! I'm delighted to be in another anthology with you!

Janine Ashbless said...

Ah, your multiple writing names threw me there for a moment Dayle! Your filthy spanking story is just yummy.

Now I need a shower.

Alison Tyler said...

Scorched is just lovely, JA! I'm so pleased to have you in this collection!


Erobintica said...

Read this story a few days ago - liked it a lot. Um, and I like that photo illustration too.

"fully-trained stunt characters" - LOL

Smut Girl said...

oh my. there are little ribbons of smoke coming off of me right now. whew. i have not read my copy yet. must get right on that. pronto!

Janine Ashbless said...

I've actually read your story twice today Sommer - once in the book and once on your Blow Hard blogpost. Still burning!

Nikki Magennis said...

Janine Ashbless you completely shocked me! At least, your story did! Loved it.

; )

Justine Elyot said...

Whew! My temperature is definitely soaring. I don't think anyone could accuse you of not meeting the remit for that anthology.

Madeline Moore said...

Aha! Another story that could b labelled, 'Careful, this one burns...'

Congratulations Janine, and all the other writers in this antho. It looks like a winner.

xoxo Madeline

Jeremy Edwards said...

Here's to your fabulous writing, Janine! And thanks for the shout-out!

I hear your stunt characters and my stunt characters and all the other stunt characters had a wild party after the book ended. : )