Thursday, 5 June 2008

Is Bigger Better?

One of the things I noticed while revising my eleven short stories in Dark Enchantment was that in practically every one I would emphasise how big the male protagnist's cock was. Of course I almost always had a reason for each individual instance: he was a god, he was a genie, they were the hand-picked sex partners of an all-powerful empress ... And yet. I got a bit self-conscious about this. Was it naff? Was it unimaginative? Was it old-fashioned?

On the other hand, these are stories of sexual fantasy. And who fantasies about a sexual partner with a weeny little willy?* Or even an average one? And if you did picture him having a nice but perfectly ordinary dick you sure as hell wouldn't describe it that way (especially not to him!).

*Okay, okay, I know the ancient Greek ideal of masculinity meant a teeny phallus, and that got carried over into Roman and then Renaissance art. But the Greeks also had a thing for incredibly long dangly foreskins which they would pierce and tie up with knotted thongs, so their vote doesn't count.

I figure most people interested in cocks fantasise about big ones. This does not necessarily mean that women actually want fantasy to cross over into reality. I can only speak for myself but I believe women do not really relish being rogered by something that's actually painful, at least not on a regular basis. Pain is a pretty refined taste: most of us like pleasure with our sex. So 10-inch monsters generally belong on porn sites, not in bed.

On the other hand we do like to look at them and fantasise about them. It's an aesthetic thing. (Of course, the excessively priapic become in the end ridiculous to look at.) My male characters are almost all tall and big of general build: I want their genitalia to look in proportion.

Here's an extract from the foreword to Wicked Words 4, written by a (female) editor who is being more idealistic than realistic:

Black Lace girls find eroticism in the most unexpected quarters. They aren't limited to the physical appearance of their characters for the turn-on. It really isn't about size."

And here's an extract from the very first story in that collection:

"I wonder what I have done to deserve what is surely going to be nine inches of the most stunning cock to cross the Atlantic that day."

Bear in mind that the narrator of this story has met the man in question in an airport arrivals lounge all of 2 minutes ago and has had no chance to see how well-hung he is. Women don't think size is of interest? Hah Hah Hah.

In the end I did tone down a couple of the more unnecessary eulogies to my characters' pork swords. But even when being ambiguous about actual dimensions I made sure my female characters were always delighted and impressed.

And if you like Big Ones you might like this site: Xtra Inches (motto: Bigger Is Better) Be careful! - this is a fairly hardcore gay site consisting of video-clips of very attractive and well-endowed men having sex. It is definitely Not Safe For Work - unless you work in a porn shop.


Eloise said...

If people who like cocks in them didn't like (at least sometimes) bigger than the norm, and sometimes a LOT bigger than the norm, dildo manufacturers have wasted a LOT of plastic over the years and would be well out of business by now.

Not sure what it says that all your men are on the big side, but it's hardly uncommon.

Janine Ashbless said...

Oh yeah. But rabbits (which are the most popular toy for women) are not grossly oversized.

I wonder how many of the huge dildos get bought as jokes, hen-party items etc, or just get shoved in a drawer after one use.

On the other hand, after having a baby maybe they're just the thing...
Not being a breeder I can only guess.

Not sure what it says that all your men are on the big side
Well, it probably says "Mr Ashbless" among other things!