Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Heart of Flame

Yesterday I signed and sent off a contract to Catscratch Books for my new project - an e-novel.

CatScratch are the people who published my werewolf novella Bound in Skin in the novella collection of that name. The editor wants something in the same style - i.e. a steamy, erotic, romantic adventure, but not a full-on explicit shagfest - which is one reason why this particular fiction idea isn't suitable for Black Lace.

It's going to be my first foray into e-published books so I've no real idea how that will go, but am interested to find out.

So I'm going to do something in the setting and style of the Arabian Nights stories. I am looking into medieval Arabic and Middle Eastern history, but this is definitely going to have a fantasy setting rather than a historically accurate one, with magic and the paranormal playing a big part - think Thief of Baghdad but with more smouldering! It's working title is Heart of Flame.

I am dead excited about this book. It should be fun to write! And this week there was a superb (and rather explicit) TV documentary on Richard Burton - Victorian Sex Explorer, hosted by hottie Rupert Everett. Which I'm taking as a good omen, because Burton was the guy who translated the first unbowdlerised version of The Arabian Nights.

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