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Blue Monday: Kay Jaybee guests

Every Monday I post a sexy excerpt for your entertainment!

Last year Kay Jaybee was my guest with The Fifth Floor, the first in The Perfect Submissive trilogy. Now here's an excerpt from book two, The Retreat.

Just as Jess Sanders is adjusting to her new life as the submissive in residence on the fifth floor of The Fables Hotel, her employer, Mrs Peters, makes a startling announcement. She has agreed to loan Jess, and her dominatrix Miss Sarah, to one of their most demanding clients; Mr David Proctor.

Whisked away by the mysterious Kane to The Retreat, a house hidden in a remote part of Scotland, Jess and Miss Sarah find themselves teaching a new submissive how to meet Proctor’s exacting rules.

As Jess comes to terms with the techniques of The Retreat’s overpowering dominatrix, Lady Tia, she discovers that Proctor’s motives may not be all they seem. Just who or what is Fairtasia? And why does Jess feel like she’s walked into a warped fairy tale?

In order to get back to the fifth floor, Jess is going to have to be far more than just a perfect submissive...

...As the level of tension, sexual and malevolent, rebounded around the turret room, Jess was reminded of two lionesses pacing it out, sizing each other up, before their fight for the territory truly began.

Her colossal chest giving the impression that it was going to burst free from its harness all on its own, Lady Tia abruptly swung around and slapped Jess across both breasts.

The shock of the unexpected smack sent a whistled howl from Jess’s lips, causing her to shuffle on her seat. She dug her fingernails into the flesh of her thighs to prevent herself from moving further.
Without stopping to admonish Jess again, Lady Tia took the cold metal end of the tape measure, and pressed it against Miss Sarah’s right nipple. Jess stared in horror as, with that one simple move, Miss Sarah was reduced from controlled dominatrix to a woman panting sharply through pursed lips, having difficulty remaining static against the mirror.

White now, rather than merely pale, Miss Sarah spluttered as Lady Tia swapped sides, torturing the left nipple in the same way. Her hands, which had been hanging at her sides, now gripped the edges of the mirror’s frame, her toes curled into clenched balls.

‘The question is –’ Lady Tia didn’t release any pressure as she bought the clawed fingertips of her free hand down sharply against Jess’s chest, leaving a graze which stung like a paper cut ‘– which of you am I going to satisfy, and which will I forbid to climax?’

Letting go of Miss Sarah’s breasts, she smiled at the inflamed crimson tips. ‘As I seem to have found your weak spot very quickly, I’m trying to decide if it should be Miss Sanders or you I should torture with a withheld orgasm? Although I suppose that would be unfair, really, as you’ve already had one climax from me tonight, whereas your toy’s body couldn’t be more blatantly desperate for a fuck if it tried.’

Jess had been referred to as a toy by many people and on many occasions, but there was something about the way Lady Tia said it that frightened her. After all, when toys were worn out or finished with, they got thrown away …

Unrolling the tape measure, Lady Tia hung it around her rival’s neck. Taking hold of both ends, she crossed the fabric strip so it formed a yellow X between Miss Sarah’s tits. Jerking the tape taut, she ordered her rival to lean forward, before tucking the free ends behind her, so it was trapped between her bare back and the mirror.

‘I bet you can imagine how good this is going to feel, Miss Sanders.’ Lady Tia taunted Jess as she lapped an agile tongue around the edges of the tape cross, where the fabric touched Miss Sarah’s abused and sensitive skin.

Jess could imagine all too well. Never had she felt so jealous of an object. She wanted to be wrapped around her mistress’s torso, wanted it to be her tongue that attended to the burning chest, to kiss better the sore patches that were already beginning to bruise around her nipples.

Grasping her own legs harder, Jess felt the trickle of juice escaping her pussy. The woman she’d forever think of as the Wicked Queen had barely touched her, yet it was as if she was experiencing every touch to Miss Sarah’s flesh upon her own.

Only when Lady Tia’s mouth had journeyed over each edge of the cross did she stand back, and wallow in the sight of Miss Sarah, who was clinging onto her composure, but only just.

The Retreat’s dominatrix grinned; the breathing of the submissive behind her was more laboured than that of her mistress, even though nothing had happened to her … yet.

With a rough tug, Lady Tia grabbed the centre of the tape measure cross, and snatched it from Miss Sarah’s flesh. The burn of the fabric as it was ripped away caused Miss Sarah to emit a sharp yell. Her knuckles whitened further as she held the mirror harder.

Lady Tia’s eyes bored into Miss Sarah’s gaze, daring her to blink as she rolled the tape measure into a tight coil. ‘Miss Sanders, stand up. Turn around. Lean over the chair so that your butt is presented to me. Spread your legs.’

Bracing herself for the beating she’d expected from the moment she’d been bustled out of Fables, Jess knew Mrs Peters would not have been pleased with her performance so far, and she was determined to do better. She’d survived so many erotically charged spankings over the last six months she was sure that, if she kept control of herself, this was one area where she could impress the bigger woman.

It was with considerable shock, therefore, that Jess felt Lady Tia’s thick fingers come to her pussy. Spreading her labia with one hand, she stuffed the coiled measure inside Jess with the other, letting about six centimetres of its length hang from her body like a misplaced tail.

Gasping at the blissfully unusual intrusion, Jess fought to stem the climax which wanted to race through her stomach and down her throat at the same time.

Ignoring her struggle, Lady Tia barked, ‘Stand up, Miss Sanders, and go to your partner.’

As Jess shuffled her feet across the stone floor, Lady Tia issued another order. ‘Miss Sarah, step away from the mirror and come here.’

As Miss Sarah obeyed, Lady Tia smiled at the mirror. ‘What a nice smeared outline you have left.’
Jess stared at the mirror; it had indeed temporarily captured the outline of her superior.

‘You can even see where your buttocks have been, and where your liquid has escaped and made a mess against the glass.

‘On your knees, Miss Sanders. I have no doubt you enjoy licking your mistress. Now you can, or at least, the remains of her reflection.’

The measure was beginning to feel awkward within her. The strip hanging free tickled her thighs, and sent shocks of longing to her pussy as Jess shuffled closer to the mirror. Lowering herself to her hands and knees, very conscious that the tape could fall out at any moment, Jess ran her tongue over the sweat marks left by Miss Sarah. With every creamy lick, her mistress’s liquid tasting as though it had been sprinkled with dust, Jess’s muscles cramped with tension as she tried to guess what Lady Tia was doing behind her back.

Jess didn’t have to guess for long. Two hands came to her rump, smoothing and probing every section of her buttocks, before initiating a crescendo of slaps against her rounded arse. With her face pressed against the heated glass, Jess closed her eyes so she didn’t have to witness the grotesqueness of her squashed reflection.

As the slaps she’d both dreaded and longed for built in power, Jess felt a hand move with catlike speed. A strangled scream shot like a bullet from her throat, as Lady Tia yanked the tape measure from her sodden channel. The top of Jess’s head was sent banging into the mirror as a climax ricocheted through every part of her, and her exhausted body flopped helplessly to the ground...

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(The Perfect Submissive Trilogy does not have to be read in order, but you will get more out of Jess’s story if you read The Fifth Floor before The Retreat)

Kay Jaybee was named Best Erotica Writer of 2015 by the ETO
Kay received an honouree mention at the NLA Awards 2015 for excellence in BDSM writing.

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