Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Dare to go bare

I came across this picture online the other day. It's a scene painted on a vase that's in the Harvard University Art Museum. The pottery dates from about 420 BCE and - though it may not be very clear unless you click through to the full-sized pics - it shows two women assiduously getting rid of their pubes.

It seems the process involves an oil lamp, so it's probably done via singeing (OUCH), and then plucking the stub (EXTRA OUCH)

The second woman is being helped out in her depilatory toilette by the god Eros himself, so one assumes that this is all in aid of an amorous night with their loved one(s):

If you're interested in the Ancient Greeks' relationship with pubic hair and gender roles there's an excellent and lively article here :-)

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