Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Fortress of books

This is the main stack of books we've just moved into the new house. It's quite big.

There's about 40 boxes here and another 15 scattered elsewhere... and I have to get them onto these waiting shelves:

If you find my crushed body beneath a fallen stack, let them know it's the way I would have wanted to go!

(Well, if I can't die during sex. That's the ideal, obviously...)


Unknown said...

This is why I've gone digital. I'm 62. I can't take them with me when I leave this mortal coil. I don't want to burden my single progeny with trying to disseminate my collection. I don't read books that she would want to read other than the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Most of what I read is kinky. That's not her thing. Reselling books is not lucrative. I don't collect signatures. I live in an apartment that my husband filled with his books when we moved in. There's no room for mine.

Janine Ashbless said...

I sympathise! Yes, it can all seem a bit pointless collecting books when they can be bought digitally, but for some reason we just can't break the habit ;-)