Sunday, 20 August 2017

Sinful Pleasures - out now!

It's out! It's proud! It's TOO DAMN HOT for Amazon!

Because side-buttock may drive you into an erotic frenzy
Yes, that's the  "safe for Amazon" cover, which has been carefully hidden behind its porno search-filter just to make it even harder for you dirty dirty readers to find it. 😏

But this collection of eleven short stories (including mine, The Pier by Night) is well worth getting your shaking and hairy-palmed hands on, for torrid tales by Ella Scandal, Sonni de Soto, Jo Henny Wolf, Lily Harlem, Lady Divine, Gail Williams, Samantha MacLeod, Tony Fyler, Ellie Barker and Lisa McCarthy.

Here's Ian D Smith's lovely advance review:
"With this anthology, Sinful Press have drawn together eleven quite varied stories of different lengths, all engaging, erotic and imaginative. The stories include some which are plausibly real-life, one which hints at being a horror story, and another which is almost paranormal.

I always find it difficult reviewing anthologies, because it seems unfair for me to pick out my favourite story. I know fully well that it’s my personal choice, and others would say another is their favourite. And I think they’re all good. But “The Pier By Night” by Janine Ashbless was the one which struck me most, at several levels.

A five-star read as far as I’m concerned."


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