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Blue Monday: Kate Douglas guests

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Today's guest is the prolific best-seller Kate Douglas with an excerpt from her new novel Dark Terror, Book 5 of the Spirit Wild series.

(Chanku shapeshifters from the Wolf Tales and Spirit Wild stories are born as humans but have the ability to shift and become wolves or other predators once their genetic legacy is unleashed with the proper nutrients. Berserkers are Chanku counterparts, born in their predator form and eventually--if they consume the proper nutrients--able to shift and walk as humans. The pack is under siege, threatened by a demonic presence that was discovered by two Berserkers, brothers Reko and Ari. They have survived as wolves, searching for the nutrients that will give them the power to shift and walk as humans. Now, rescued by the Chanku pack, eating the grasses their bodies need, Reko has shifted for the first time. Mary and Jack, a newly mated Chanku pair, have taken their new packmate home with them to experience sex for the first time. This scene opens when Reko and Jack have just shared a kiss, something Reko hadn’t expected to like as much as he does.)

 Jack didn’t so much wipe his mouth as run his fingers across his lips before he took a deep breath and winked at Mary. “He’s a fast learner, Mary.”


Her voice sounded thick and even Reko recognized her need behind that one word. He focused on Mary, fell into the deep blue of her fierce gaze. She caught him there, held him. She wanted this, wanted him. Like Reko, she was tired of waiting, though he’d waited a lifetime, not even dreaming that anyone like Mary might be here at this time and place for him. He turned and put a knee on the bed, then moved over Mary and knelt reverently between her spread legs. He stared at her for a long moment, learning her shape, the angles and curves and contours of her beautiful body. Then he gently slipped his hands beneath the firm globes of her bottom and lifted her to his mouth.

She rested her legs on his shoulders and clutched the thick bedding with both hands. Leaning close, he inhaled her scent and almost spent himself at that moment. She was ripe with the pheromones he’d only heard of, the musky aroma that drove males wild when they came close.

With just the tip of his tongue, he circled the tiny bit of flesh she called her clit. Her hips bucked in his grasp. He held her still with his hands and used his mouth as she’d asked him, lapping at the swollen lips of her sex, suckling her clit. It had begun to swell so that it peeked out from its fleshy hood—her reaction to his touch. He had no idea a woman had such a thing, like a tiny prick only so very sensitive. Mary’s thoughts flooded him, the way his tongue felt when he swept the length of her sex, how she wanted him to lick inside her. Her instructions fascinated him. Willingly, he followed her lead.

As he drove his tongue deep inside, stroking her inner walls and lapping at her juices, his fingertips brushed the damp, crinkled ring between her cheeks. Everything between her legs was wet with her sweet nectar, and her whimpers told him just how aroused she was. How very much she loved what he was doing. Without really considering the move, he slipped one finger deep inside the opening in her butt. The ring of muscle clamped tightly to his finger and she cried out, arching her back, forcing his finger deeper and pressing her sex tightly against his mouth.

She flooded him with her arousal, flooded his mind with the sounds of her pleasure, and the connection exploded between them into a white-hot barrage of sensation. He licked and nuzzled, knowing instinctively to bring her down from her climax slowly, knowing when to pull his finger free of her body with care. Before she was totally slack in his arms, he lowered her hips and legs, pressed his prick against her opening, and slid all the way inside in one smooth thrust. He held himself there, his sensitive glans pressed against what could only be the hard mouth of her cervix, locked in place by her feminine muscles rippling through her climax. He wanted to move faster, harder, but at the same time he wanted to hold perfectly still and feel Mary, experience her inner tempo, the muscles pulsing with her arousal, adjusting to his size, enclosing him in a hot, wet embrace.

“Now, Reko. Hard and fast.” She clutched his upper arms with both hands and lifted her body to him. Gazing into those beautiful blue eyes, he did exactly as she ordered. He filled her over and over again, the steady rhythm of his hips pounding into her, the thunder that was his heartbeat racing the echo of Mary’s.

He knew his climax was coming and opened the link to Mary, brought Jack into it with them and moved in and almost out of her as if he was a huge piston in a mighty engine. She was so tiny compared to him, and if not for the link between them he would have been afraid of harming her.

But she wanted this, wanted him, and she reveled in the strength of his taking, gloried in the love of her mate, who watched her pleasure and took it into himself. The three of them, so tightly connected that there was no Jack, no Mary, no Reko. They were one, the three of them finding completion as Mary screamed, as Reko cried out and lifted her against him so that he knelt here, in the middle of their bed with Mary’s strong legs wrapped around his hips, with Jack cursing and laughing, holding both of them from behind.

Reko bowed his head over Mary, who’d gone limp in his arms. Jack’s arms stretched around Reko to hold Mary, to hold Reko. After a few moments of the three of them gasping for air, Jack’s laughter filled the room. “Stay there,” he said. “Don’t move. I’ll be right back.”

Reko had no idea why he’d given the order, but he held Mary close, brushed her tangled hair back from her forehead with his fingers, kissed her lips lightly for one more taste. Jack crawled up on the bed behind him.

“That was a first,” he said. Reko felt a warm, wet cloth on his back.

“What are you doing?” Glancing over his shoulder, he realized Jack was washing his back.

“Washing my spunk off your back. All I was doing was hugging you guys and soaking up your shared sensations, but when you both climaxed, I joined you. I wasn’t even touching myself. It was all you, Reko. You and Mary. There. You’re all clean.”

Stunned by his own powerful response, Reko carefully lay Mary back down on the bed. He kissed her lips, just a taste, and asked, “Are you okay?”

“Better than okay. Reko, that was magnificent.”

Before she was rescued from a human trafficking ring by the Chanku, Mary Ryder had lived a tortured life as a sex slave and prostitute, and the emotional scars of that time still haunt her. Through the patient strength and genuine devotion of Jack Temple, Mary is slowly learning to open herself to the possibility of uncorrupted love and passion in his arms. But before the two can explore their newfound connection and dream of life as a mated pair, they must face a dark menace threatening all Chanku.

Aldo Xanakis was thought to be dead, but harnessing the life force of those he had slain, he has reappeared as a dark and vicious demon hell-bent on the destruction of the pack—and of all humankind. With only days to stop the demon’s lethal plans and the fanatical religious cult he has enlisted to serve him, the entire Chanku pack unites to combine their power against him.

As Mary and Jack are thrown together in an epic battle against evil, they and the rest of the pack will be forced to harness all the magic and sensual power they possess to preserve their way of life and everything they hold dear. 

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Kate Douglas is the award winning author of the popular erotic paranormal romance series Wolf Tales, Feral Passions, and Demon Lovers, the erotic SF series Dream Catchers, and StarQuest, as well as the DemonSlayers series. She is currently writing the next book in the Spirit Wild series.

Kate and her husband of almost fifty years have two adult children and six grandchildren. They live in the beautiful wine country of Sonoma County, California, in the little town of Healdsburg.

You can read excerpts of all of Kate’s books at Write to Kate at She answers all her email. You can also find her on Facebook at and occasionally on twitter as @wolftales.

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Kate Douglas said...

Thanks so much for posting this, Janine! I absolutely love writing this series. With twelve Wolf Tales novels and nine Chanku novellas, the Spirit Wild series was the obvious segue with stories about the younger generation. And the fact my Chanku shapeshifters are essentially immortal means that the older generation is still hanging around, still lookin' hot, and keeping tabs on the "kids." Who, in many cases, are better educated, more magically powerful, and flat out more interesting than their parents' generation...well, not entirely. But they ARE a lot of fun!