Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Terry the Tentacle's report from FantasyCon by the Sea

 Hello, my name is Terry the Tentacle!

Am I not gloriously squamous and rugose?

I like to hang out with Janine Ashbless for fun, good times and strangling people :-)

This weekend just past we went to Scarborough, to FantasyCon by the Sea 2016. Scarborough is just my sort of place: full of the decaying remnants of ancient civilisations, and the smell of fish.

I didn't like the locals though... This guy looked hungry.

FantasyCon was hosted in an eldritch pile built by hands perhaps not fully human:

Janine was there under her SUPER SECRET NAME because she was launching her new collection of horror stories. Here she is with other minor contributor Adrian Tchaikovsky, and me (obviously I'm the most important one):

I understand that the most important part of any book launch is the free wine. In fact if you can go to enough book launches in an afternoon, you can end up quite sloshed! Or so I'm told...

Here I am strangling Peter Coleborn, publisher at The Alchemy Press:

And here I am strangling Simon Bestwick, author of Hell's Ditch:

Ah, good times :-)

This is famous horror author Adam Nevill, talking about his years at Nexus / Black Lace when he was Janine's editor, the lucky lucky man.

85 books a year, 60-hour working weeks, no budget

I didn't get to strangle him :-(

This is Janine standing with a bunch of other writers, in fact between this year's ARTHUR C CLARKE AWARD WINNER and this year's COSTA BOOK OF THE YEAR PRIZE WINNER. She is feeling a teeny tiny bit inadequate. And short.

Adrian Tchaikovsky, Janine, Francis Hardinge, Charlotte Bond, Andrew Knighton

I did offer to strangle them ALL but she said No. I don't know why ... she's a bit weird like that.

I had a great weekend, but it's nice to get home and unwind :-)

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