Monday, 16 May 2016

Blue Monday

Every Monday I post a naughty excerpt for your entertainment!

Hmph. Today marks a milestone in my lifespan because I am now in the age category that gets called in for a routine mammogram. Therefore I thought I'd pick a particularly boobilicious excerpt from a story to share. This is from Three Legs in the Evening, which appeared in the acclaimed anthology The Sexy Librarian's Big Book of Erotica.

Oedipus is recounting his history with the Sphinx ... to an unnamed female interrogator.

He sighed. “She was beautiful. Terrifying, of course—huge—but beautiful. The body of a lioness, the wings of an eagle, the head and breasts of a woman. I’ve seen statues and paintings that make her look Greek, but that’s wrong. Have you ever seen a woman of Upper Egypt?—she looked like that. Dense, long black ringlets of hair, and great dark eyes lined with kohl, and golden earrings that hung almost to her neck. I wondered—later—how she went about adorning herself, but it turned out she had thumbs that were almost human, on those great big paws.

    “It wasn’t her paws I was thinking about as she stood right over my helpless body, though. It was her canine teeth, and her breasts. Oh gods, her breasts…She was bigger than any human woman of course, and those orbs of hers hung over me like the mountains of the gods. The cleft between them was as dark and deep and rich as the Nile Valley, and her black nipples were bigger than the tops of my thumbs.

    “Oh how I wanted those tits. Death seemed an irrelevance in comparison. Don’t get me wrong—I was afraid. But my cock filled and lifted too.

    “‘Now answer my riddle,’ she growled. ‘What is it that walks on four legs in the morning, two at noon, and three in the evening?’
 “I can understand why no one had answered her correctly before. Imminent death is not conducive to clear thought. But I couldn’t stop looking at those incredible breasts. My mouth should have been dry with terror, but it was watering at the sight. As she crouched over me, not quite touching but mantling me with her wings like a feeding hawk, I realized I could smell her sex. Spice and musk and female lust: it went to my head just like the fumes of the Underworld filling the Pythia’s skull, and drove me nearly as mad.

    “‘Well, I have a third leg right now,’ I said hoarsely. ‘And I am a man.’

    “‘Are you?’ she boomed. ‘Are you?’ She looked down my body, at the rigid cockstand pointing right up at her. ‘Maybe you are,’ she said: ‘at last.’ With the razor-edge of her claw she slashed through my bonds. ‘What will you do now, clever little man?’

    “This,’ I said, grabbing her nibbles and pulling them—together and down, and toward my lifted mouth. I got my lips around the tips of those ambrosial breasts and I chewed and sucked and nuzzled my face between them and kneaded with my fingers…and I damn near spent my load there and then, I tell you.” Oedipus’ hands were crossed over his groin now, in an attempt to hide the obvious. “The Sphinx seemed no less pleased,” he added, clearing his throat. “She yowled like a cat in heat and arched her back, and lifted her rump in the air while she lashed her tail from side to side. But I couldn’t reach any of that. I just had her wonderful tits in my face. That was all I could do…until she snatched me up and rolled over onto her back, taking me with her. I’m very glad she kept her claws velveted. Wings spread in the sand, legs open, she pushed me down her body.

    “Her front was human—two breasts and no more, a hairless belly, and between her lion’s legs a sex that looked entirely human to me, pink-hearted and wet and open like a blown rose. The smell of her was intoxicating.

    “‘Fill me!’ she ordered, showing teeth like bronze daggers. And it was clear what she wanted, what was driving her mad with frustration—but how was any man supposed to satisfy her? I was sporting an erection of heroic proportions, but she was bigger than any woman, bigger even than a lioness, and I doubted she’d even feel my shaft.”

    Oedipus paused, breathing deeply. “She was the kind of challenge that made my blood sing.”

    I shifted my weight from one thigh to the other, feeling the impatient slickness between them. “Go on!”

    He turned his face to me, a habit left over from his sighted life. “Do you really want to hear?”


   “You want to know how I fucked the Sphinx?”

   “Yes,” I repeated, my voice all twisted up.

    “Then come closer.”

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