Monday, 21 March 2016

Blue Monday: Lilya Loring guests

Every Monday I post a filthy excerpt for your entertainment!

Today's guest author is Lilya Loring, whose story Company Ink appears in the brand new anthology Inked.

Tattoos are intimate and personal, yet can hide as much as they reveal... 

This superb collection of erotic stories will have you squirming in your seat! Inked contains first times, first tattoos and first loves, artists crossing galaxies to save mankind and magic in all forms.

Edited by Anna Sky, Inked contains nine sexy and provocative stories from Gregory L. Norris, Annabeth Leong, Victoria Blisse, Zak Jane Keir, Harley Easton, Jillian Boyd, Alain Bell, Lilya Loring and Katya Harris.

He grabbed her around the waist, pulling him to her, desperate to finally feel her skin against his. With a grunt, he used one hand to peel away his t-shirt, gasping when he caught the freshly bandaged tattoo.

She smiled at him sweetly and helped him free his arm. There was something caring in the way she handled him, the way she helped him. When their skin touched, she moaned a little and pressed her cunt against him. He grabbed her through her pants, could feel her heat, her wetness and it made him rigid. Normally Wade was more timid, allowing the women in his life to call the shots. Tonight, he was different. He was powerful and commanding, wanting nothing more than to fuck her like she deserved, like she needed.

He guided her to the bed where she fell on her back with a soft thump. This was not going to be a casual, missionary style fuck; he was going to make her beg for him.

Her eyes watched him with curiosity. In a series of quick movements, he stripped her of her boots, jeans, and panties. The light from the bedroom lamp bathed her in a soft glow. He rubbed the soft flesh of her belly and placed a gentle kiss. She squirmed, but settled down as he moved lower. He took off his belt, jeans, and boxers, letting his cock spring free.

“Uh uh,” he said, “no peeking,” as she moved to get a better look.

He placed a hand on her sternum and guided her back down on the bed. Her legs were spread wide, waiting for him. He stroked the length of his cock for several moments as he watched, taking in the sight of her. Her nipples, a ruddy pink, were already puckered. His eyes traveled lower. Her sex was delicate with neatly trimmed, dark blond hair.

“A blond, huh?” he said.

She laughed and her breasts bounced, “Don't tell anyone.”

“I won't,” he said as he knelt before her.

She was so wet, so tense in anticipation that she shivered at his hot breath on her skin. He liked the coppery smell of her. He spread her lips with his hand to reach her clit and licked her slowly, running his tongue from her clit to her hole and back again. With each stroke, her body shook and her hips arched toward his face.

Her chest rose and fell quickly. Her eyes were shut and her head tilted back. Soft moans escaped her lips, increasing in frequency. His lips formed a tight seal on her clit and as she began to buck, he thrust two of his fingers into her.

Her upper body came up off the bed and she came, screaming, a litany of “Oh god” and “Oh fuck” streaming from her lips.

Wade didn't give her much time to recover. “Roll over,” he commanded, slapping her ass cheek hard enough to sting.

Grace groaned but did as she was told, resting her head on her folded arms. He ran his hands over her rounded ass that was now up in the air. Her back was also heavily tattooed—covered in koi fish and cherry blossoms swirling around a partially disrobed geisha. He swept her hair to the side so he could see all of it as he fucked her. On her lower back, he planted a series of gentle kisses. Her skin was silky and slightly salty.

“Tell me,” he said as he slid a finger inside her tight opening, “do you like it from behind?”

“Yes,” she nodded, shuddering from his ministrations.

“Oh, you're a dirty girl then,” he said and laughed.

She was the perfect height, cunt open at exactly the right level for him. Wade hissed as he rammed his cock inside her in one deep thrust, knowing she was wet enough to take it. She cried out in pleasure, hands moving to grasp the blankets to steady herself.

Hands grabbing her hips, he pounded into her a couple of times and then withdrew, his cock hovering just inches from her. She tried to push back onto him, but he held her in place.

“Tell me you want it,” he said as he slapped her ass cheek with his open hand.

She groaned and he slapped her flesh again.

“I want it,” she said.

“Want what? I want you to say it,” he rubbed her cunt with the tip of his cock. She was slick and hot with desire.

“I want your hard cock inside me. Now,” she said.

He entered her again and she screamed, arching her back to meet him. He wanted to watch her ass rise and fall, trace the lines of her tattoos with his eyes, reach forward and grab a handful of her shiny black hair, but the pleasure was too much. He could only close his eyes, and lean his head back as he enjoyed the feeling of being inside her.

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Lilya Loring has an unhealthy obsession with fairy tales. She received a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing in 2014. She lives in the South, surrounded by an evergrowing pile of books. 

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