Friday, 31 July 2015

A bad case of nerves

Ever get so keyed-up you just feel like falling asleep? ;-)

Saint George Hare: The Victory of Faith, 1890 

Saint George Hare (1857-1933, and wow what a name!) was one of those pious artists who enjoyed painting sexy ladies in chains, but NOT IN A DIRTY WAY AT ALL because it was all about history and religion and purity and was, like, totally uplifting and spiritual. Heh.

This is actually one of the slides I'll be featuring in my presentation on Sunday at Eroticon 2015. My presentation will also be uplifting and spiritually nourishing, I promise.

Trust me, I'm a smutwriter ;-)


Jo said...

Ha! Also a sexy picture. Which, I will add, taps into all my childhood slave games I played so enthusiastically.

t'Sade said...

Well, I can get behind his topic of choice. :)