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Blue Monday - Primula Bond guests

 Every Monday I post a filthy excerpt for your entertainment!

This week's excerpt is from The Pool Party, by Primula Bond. It is one of the stories in the wet-themed anthology Drenched.

 Odette reaches the deep end and rests against the tiled side, arms outstretched along the edge, her big tits bobbing like air-filled buoys on the surface of the water.  Steam rises as the water shifts, her breasts teasing in and out of the water.
    Excitement kicks inside Kara's belly. The other guests are pretending not to watch as they help themselves to the drinks still left on the trays. Francois, Suki, and some other youngsters are still on the beach. The rest of the staff have gone home.

    Odette is on a mission. She beckons Kara over and wraps her arms round Kara's waist.  Kara knows she’s not the first woman Odette has played with like this. She wonders what the others are, or were, like. Is it her red hair that attracts Odette? Her white, limber body? Or just something behind the eyes that has woken up and said come and get me?

    Odette has probably tried everything under the sun at least once. And that's what Kara wants to do.

   The two women's faces are up close. Kara runs her hands over Odette's hips, over her ribcage. She can feel no bone, just soft, yielding flesh, and then those gorgeous breasts nuzzling into her hands. That's why they are called puppies! She looks down, pinches the long brown nipples into stiffness, and her own grow hard as nuts as if they are being fondled as well.  As Kara teases each taut tip, Odette arches her back so that everyone can see what Kara is doing to her.  

   Odette's legs encircle Kara's waist and their two bodies, two pussies, brush together. Kara smiles. Puppies and pussies. How cute is that?  Hard nipple scrapes across hard nipple and the tight ball of desire inside Kara starts to unravel.

   Odette wraps her arms around Kara's neck and kisses her, her big, generous lips tickling, her tongue flicking. Kara sucks the older woman's tongue into her mouth and as they circle in the steaming water they writhe and grind against each other, pussy lips parting, burning clits emerging, seeking friction.

     Kara keeps her eyes closed, imagining the watching faces, but what she doesn't expect is audience participation. Suddenly there's a mighty splash at the other end of the pool. The women pause then pull apart slowly, allowing their tongues to linger in a little slick of saliva, before they turn lazily to see who is joining them. Another girl, perhaps?

     Henri is swimming across the pool, already naked.  The handful of guests are gathered round the pool, sitting on loungers or standing, intrigued by the promise of aqueous synchrony.   Kara's frustration coils into jealousy as he pushes himself against his wife and there's an answering leap of desire in Odette's’s eyes.

    ‘I thought you weren’t into anything over thirty these days?’ taunts Odette as her husband's big hands reappear to stroke her breasts. ‘After all, I’m only your wife.’

    ‘Yes, but something has fired up your lagging appetite since we arrived here.’

     The competition, now that Henri has joined them, makes Kara all the more determined to win back Odette's attention. Under the cover of the water she edges her hand between Odette's legs, parting the soft lips with her fingers. Smiling and gasping with surprise Odette falls back against Henri, hooking her ankles loosely round Kara's thighs so that her body rises to the surface of the pool like an offering.

     ‘I'm tempted to stay right here,' Henri replies, hands moving possessively over his wife's breasts.  The guests crane forwards, and another man Kara hasn't seen before, casually dressed, pulls off his shorts and Breton jersey and dives in to the pool. Kara assumes everyone will join now, but the others stay on dry land, assuming this is all part of the entertainment.

  The new guy swims up and circles them like a shark. Henri looks so astonished that he doesn't stop his thickset, unshaven rival, from joining in. Kara can see there's some kind of power struggle going on between the two men, but she has her own power struggle going on now. She wants to fight them for Odette's lovely body. Pushing her fingers inside Odette, she leans forward over Odette’s bare belly, pushes Henri's hand out of the way and bites down on one taut nipple. Henri and the other man fall away to watch. The bud enters Kara's mouth, thrusting up against her teeth, and Kara sucks on it, blinded by the wicked excitement searing through her. 

   There's an answering pull on her fingers as Odette's cunt tightens. She starts to fidget in the water, and Kara sucks harder on the tight nipples, thrusting her fingers in and out of Odette until she comes, moaning in surprise, her head splashing back in the water.

   Everyone on the edge of the pool starts clapping.

     The two men waste no time in tugging Kara and a limp Odette to the shallow end. Maybe now's the time to scramble out of the pool. But the men are just getting started.  The shallower the water gets, the higher their torsos rise from the water, until Henri's cock shoots upwards out of the water and bangs against Odette's face.  At the same time, the second man comes up behind Kara, his big hands on her hips. She tries to pull away, but Henri shakes his head.

   'You stay right there and do as you're told,' he says, cradling Odette so that she is floating on her back in front of him. 'And watch what I do to my wife when she has been naughty.'  Standing to one side of Odette, Henri pokes the swollen head of his massive dick into the corner of her mouth. 

   For a moment Odette remains motionless as if she is asleep, then her mouth opens slowly.  Her tongue slips out and welcomes the round knob, sucking it in. Those lips that Kara was just kissing, and so beautifully made for blowjobs, start pulling on her husband's stiff cock.  Not even an expert mouth like hers could take in the entire length without choking, and the sight of at least a third of his length sliding in and out of Odette's mouth turns Kara to jelly as she absently strokes Odette's legs. 

   She wants to be out of the pool, on a big warm bed away from everybody, rolling her body to fit with Odette's. She wants to abandon herself to the experience of feeling Odette's big lips kissing her again, going down on her snatch, nibbling her clit, tonguing her cunt - she wants it all.

   But she's not going to get it, at least not this minute, because the other man has pushed up and bent her over Odette's prone body so that now her face is between Odette's floating thighs. She kisses the other woman there, parting her legs to reveal the plump, delicious crevice; and as she bends to lick her mistress, the second man pulls Kara's legs apart and she's so excited and so wet that when he pushes himself inside she is ready.

     Kara tries to focus on licking her lovely Odette but she is losing control. Her aroused body responds to the man’s brutal, rough stimulation. His big fingers under the water somehow muffle the roughness, but a fierce renewed lust still kicks inside her. 

      Her bottom is tipped up out of the water and into the air for everyone to see. The man opens her up, pushes his hard cock into her. Then, as her body loosens and lets him in, his strong hands rock her violently back and forth as he thrusts hard and fast, and now all Kara can think about and see and hear are her own groans of lust, Odette's muffled moans, and the bestial grunting of the men.  

     ‘Doucement,' growls the man in Kara's ear. 'God, you feel as good as our hostess!'

   Kara's not sure she's heard right, but she can't think further than the cock filling her, its accelerating, determined thrusts, pushing her forwards so that her face grinds into Odette's pussy. What an incredible combination they must make. Two men, two women. A sexual chain, a novel kind of line dance. The working parts of a sex machine.

   Kara gives herself up to this debauchery. Odette is in her hands. Everything is fine. More than fine. Odette opens her mouth to show us the stream of her husband's cum and that starts the chain reaction of the others, until they are all coming, lifting and splashing in the water in a shuddering sequence.

     There is a brief silence, just the panting of the participants and the splashing of the water against the edge of the pool. Then the laughter and clapping starts again. The men swim silently to the edge, shaking the water from their hair.  Kara edges herself up close to Odette even as the men climb out of the pool, their buttocks taut and muscled, their heavy cocks and juicy balls still bouncing and swinging as they strut to the chairs to pick up their clothes.

   'Who the hell was that?' Kara gasps, pointing at the rough guy now giving a jovial high five to Henri.

   'That's my friend with the art gallery,' laughs Odette, kissing her softly and reaching for a towel. 'Come and meet him properly!'

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"I am an Oxford educated married mother of three boys and have worked variously as a London temp, a kindergarten teacher in Cairo, and a legal secretary. My part time day job is working for criminal lawyers and sometimes going to the law courts to take notes for the
barristers during a case. I also take in foreign students to feed my addiction for nice cars, sumptious meals out and sun-drenched holidays. As you can imagine, the law courts, foreign students, living in Cairo and most other experiences in my life provide a rich fodder for my novels.

I write newspaper features and am still struggling to get something 'literary' published, but I started writing erotica as a kind of challenge when I was once rejected by Mills and Boon for being too sexy! Since my first story, Man In A Cage, was published by For Women magazine back in 1995 I have lost count of the number of short stories I have written for magazines and for Virgin Books, but I never run out of ideas."

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