Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Bearded Lady

Yes, this is what I look like with a beard.
I sort of like it, though I suspect the men in my life may not approve ;-)

Roll up, roll up! see the Amazing Bearded Lady from the icy steppes of Russia!

I was at a LARP event last weekend. It was set in the 1930s and we were all rather down-on-our-luck carnival performers. This being a Cthulhu game, our luck did not get appreciably better, it must be said.
I spent much of the weekend hiding under various beds (Don't knock it, it works!), but then died in the final face-off against the monster when I was horribly mashed by a tentacled ex-friend and then thrown through a Gate into the Void.

There must be a moral in there somewhere...

Anyway, my character was an immigrant from Murmansk. Here's the full get-up - I was actually pretty proud of my Sami-style drum painting. And the beard survived being slept in!

What I learned about having a beard: ALWAYS check yourself in a mirror after eating. Especially soup. The debris problem is hell.


Jo said...

Wow...! Strangely intense! Nice bodhran :)

Janine Ashbless said...

The stuck-on beard pretty much made sure I couldn't smile all weekend in case I loosened it. But that's okay - because I was being Russian. And chased by monsters.

Chris said...

Weirdly, I like it!

Although I think most real bearded ladies would cry themselves to sleep with envy at your lush growth.