Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Saving Time

Do you hoard stuff because "It Might Be Really Useful Later"?

I was given this A3 lunar/tree/pagan calendar in 1992 (possibly 1991, thinking about it). It was a terrific if extremely unorthodox calendar, beautifully produced by a very small community. When it was finished with, I put it aside thinking, "It's full of research reference stuff I might want to call on some day."

This was before I was even a writer, you understand.

I kept it for TWENTY-ONE YEARS. We even moved house, and I still kept it!
And this week, having started on a new novella project that draws on a lot of pagan folklore, I thought "I'll dig that old calendar out. I know exactly where it is."

I did too.

It's still a fabulous piece of research material. I'm glad I've got it. Of course, I could have found every separate item of information on t'Internet. That's a bit galling.

The question is ... will I be able to throw it out when I've finished writing the book?

1 comment:

Jo said...

Yay, score 1 for hoarding!

I think you should think of a few crafty ideas for the best pics... maybe recycle the rest.