Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Short stories making Mischief

Look look! I've got two more short stories signed up for forthcoming Mischief anthologies:

Amuse-Bouche appears in The Visitor: vampire erotica. It's a M/f/F tie-in to Red Grow the Roses, and features two of my more sympathetic characters being ... unsympathetic. The story I longed to write, but couldn't include in RGtR.

The Visitor: vampire erotica is out REAL SOON NOW - 17th  May, I believe.

AND my story Slave of the Lamp is to appear in Underworlds: paranormal erotica (no cover pic yet). Guess what that one's about, eh? Slave of the Lamp is actually malesub (very very reluctant malesub) and NOT a tie-in to any of my novels, though it may have similar sources of inspiration to a certain Arabian Nights adventure. Oh, and it's my first pegging story!

Underworlds: paranormal erotica is due out in July

By the way, many Mischief books are still being held at half price, including Red Grow the Roses, so it's a great time to buy:

Mischief on Amazon UK  (I can do a search by publisher there. Can't work it out on Amazon US) or direct

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