Saturday, 7 January 2012

Heart of Flame blog tour - Day 6 - COMPETITION!

Gustav Bauernfeind: The Gate of the Great Umayyad Mosque, Damascus (1890)

The Red Letter Blog Tour draws to a close, with a BIG interview over at the blog of Adrian Tchaikovsky, author of the gripping Shadows of the Apt fantasy series. He dared ask me about the politics of setting Heart of Flame in the Middle East!
Okay - competition time!
Do you want to win a book? Not one of my books! This one in fact:

Beautifully illustrated by Jan Pienkowski, this is contains 6 of the Arabian Nights tales and the framing story of clever Shahrazade. It is suitable for children! (In as far as the 1001 Nights  can be - there's a certain amount of adultery and murder in the stories.) And it can be yours for free!

Okay ... to win it, you need to check out each of the posts in the Red Letter Blog Tour in order and find the red letter in the text.
  1. Jeremy Edwards
  2. Justine Elyot
  3. Kate Pearce's blog is still down - I'm sure she's even more frustrated than I am - so the letter is this one.
  4. Shanna Germain
  5. Charlotte Stein
  6. Adrian Tchaikovsky  (Sorry, you'll need to look in the comments for the answer to that one)

Got the 6 letters? They spell the first name of the librarian who asks my hero and heroine a fiendish riddle, in Heart of Flame.
E-mail me at janine [dot] ashbless [at] yahoo [dot] com with this name. I'll draw the winner randomly.
You've got until Friday 13th - good luck!

And me? I'm going to finish my next novel and send it off today.

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