Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Liaisons cover - and maybe news

Publishing is a funny old business. Not everything happens in the order you'd think.

Eagle-eyed Portia Da Costa, for example, spotted the new cover for the Black Lace anthology Liaisons this week: already up on Amazon, it's due out in May next year.

There's a very interesting bit in the publishers' blurb too:
"Indulgent and sensual, outrageous and taboo, but always highly erotic, this new collection of "Black Lace" stories takes the theme of the illicit and daring rendezvous with a lover (or lovers) as its theme. Popular "Black Lace" authors like Portia Da Costa and Janine Ashbless contribute saucy tales, as do a number of brand new passionate and edgy voices from the US. It is packed with a broad and thrilling range of women's sexual fantasies."

Really? Goodness me. That's the first inkling I've heard that my story Roadside Rescue has made the cut for this book. It's hardly official, but it's certainly good news if it proves true, and I'm not complaining!

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