Thursday, 18 September 2008

Tim Minchin

(Beware rude lyrics!)

Okay, so I may well be years behind the rest of the world, but this last weekend I discovered Tim Minchin, comedy singer-songwriter. He is the new Tom Lehrer! Smart, irreverent-to-blasphemous (he's got a serious beef with religion) and a fabulous wordsmith.

Oh man do I like Smart. Smart With Ginger Dreadlocks and Eyeliner* is a combination too cute to resist.

And as a follow-up to Madeline Moore's post on Leonard Cohen over at Lust Bites, here's Tim Minchin singing Hallelujah - which once you get past the moronic audience noises is just beautiful.

*Ash in Wildwood had ginger dreads, and I could just roll Ash in chocolate nibbles and eat him whole.

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