Saturday, 2 July 2016

Getting Stoned in Brittany

Brittany is massively famous for its ROCKS ... partly thanks to Obelix and his menhir fixation of course.

He's been busy

But the megaliths are actually Neolithic - dating to approximately the 5th millennium BCE. The most famous area for Big Stones is the village of Carnac, which has over 3000 of the things in loooooooong long rows:

Srsly, Obelix - what were you thinking of?
The equally mysterious cairns

and dolmens

 are in some ways more fun though ...

Many have strange carving on the interior rock-faces:

This is supposedly a goddess-figure (I'm not sure how they decided that):

They've been the object of eager tourists for thousands of years...

So rock on, Brittany - Rock ON :-)

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