Wednesday, 2 December 2015

When I was 48 ...

Janine Ashbless: culture vulture 
Every year  on my birthday I look back - just to check that I haven't got old and stopped trying new things yet. So here, as I teeter on the far edge of my forties, is my latest log...

When I was 48, for the very first time ...

  • I started going grey!
  • I fulfilled a lifetime dream and I now OWN A SMALL WOODLAND! For my birthday I went out to saw my own trees for the first time ever and it was AWESOME :-)
  • I gave a Powerpoint presentation (it was at Eroticon 2015, where I also drank my way through a party tray of flavoured vodkas, and tried cupping, so it was a whole weekend of Firsts) 
  • I briefly owned a selfie-stick. I never used it.
  • I bought a she-wee. I have used it, with varying degrees of success (!)
  • I got spanked in public by Cara Sutra (and it was Facebooked!)

  • I had my first breast-cancer scare and my first mammogram. Thankfully, the results were negative, but for two weeks I was seriously focused on rearranging my life.
  • I started running. I stopped running ... :/
  • I bought a vape pipe. Two, in fact.
  • I had my DNA sequenced
  • I visited Germany (Munich, several times, because Mr Ashbless' employer was paying), Austria (Salzburg), Portugal (Lisbon), and quite a lot of Ethiopia.

  • I got a story into Best Horror of the Year!
  • I started getting Friend requests from weird blokes attempting to pull on Facebook. Somehow I'd managed to avoid it until now.
  • I took a cushion to the cinema because the seats hurt my back :-(
  • I saw AC/DC, the Foo Fighters and Fall Out Boy gig live. I liked FOB best, because they had the best sound set up by far. I mean Wow, you could actually hear the lyrics!

  • I took part in one of those Puzzle Rooms where you get locked in and have to Adventure Game your way out. WE FAILED.
  • I was granted a small coastal town in the amazing Map of Literature

Forty-eight was pretty amazing really. I have no idea what forty-nine will bring - and that's a good thing :-)

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Jo said...

You're a wonder. And that is a beautiful photo, regardless of the broken penis.