Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Pass the port

Guess where I spent the weekend?
Clue: they sell glasses of Port in the street
Yes, it was Lisbon - capital of Portugal, home of strangely Stalinist monuments to imperialist explorers....

.... terrifyingly whizzy trams....

The one time we rode on one, it was so overcrowded the suspension broke and we were all thrown off

.... the best custard pies IN THE WORLD ...

... steampunk architecture ...

The Elevador de Santa Justa

And this is them tightening the bolts by hand, I kid you not.

We went on a fabulous Segway tour - dodging the potholes, waiters and aforementioned trams:

And we saw some amazing churches ...

 ... castles

 ... and statues:

But mostly we ate egg-based pastries:

Aprox one day's supply of custard pies for Ashbless

90% egg-yolk, at a guess

Did I find a corpse? YOU BET I DID:

What's a library without mummies?
Did I find someone enjoying Lisbon more than me? I fear so!

Tour leader: it's a shit job, but someone has to do it...

But let's face it, you cannot knock a nation who are that good at custard pies.

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