Wednesday, 26 September 2012

"Hello, Nerds of London!"

I went to church last week :-)

Okay ... so I went to the Union Chapel in London (which is a working church, among other things). It was the most beautiful setting - Victorian Gothic, octagonal, and we all sat in pews - in which to see the Gods of Musical Geekdom play live. And I had the most fabulously nerdy night!

The support band was Paul and Storm - the close-harmony duo who gave the world the George RR Martin song "Write Like the Wind" - which is apparently part of an ever-growing epic cycle of songs addressed to people called George. They are also famous for what is possibly the silliest song about pirates in the history of civilisation.

And they have now added the concept of Floor Candy to my mental lexicon, for which I am ... not entirely grateful. But I love 'em. Aaaaaar.

Then after Paul and Storm came ...

... Jonathan Coulton! Yes, the "Code Monkey" guy! Squeeeeeeee! Uber-geek!

Coulton does nerdy, funny songs too - but he also specialises in romantic, melancholy songs about unrequited love, usually from the point of view of things that aren't very loveable ... Krakens, The Moon of Pluto, computer progammers, mad scientists ... The sort of songs that leave you feeling moved, but also really glad the protagonist isn't within several thousand miles of you or your home.

"Isn't it enough to know I ruined a pony making a gift for you?"

What a great evening, in a great setting!
And in case you think there isn't enough sex in this post, here's a Coulton song with extra ASL:


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Madeline Moore said...

Church was never this much fun when I used to go - or even when I was a Sunday School teacher!

As for your massive nerd book, I coulda, I shoulda, I didna, so here's hoping there'll be a sequel.

Which means I hope you and Shanna have one with a bullet, grrrrlfriends.

Janine Ashbless said...

Pah! I bet you could have written great nerd-sex!